Senate Judiciary Committee finds Russia funded Trump campaign via the NRA


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And are 'murican gun shops arms depots for the Motherland?


All grown up now:


Wait…so the two groups of war mongerers got together to keep war mongering alive and well?


Wait, so the NRA are pinkos now? That is so last century. :smirk:



Dana, meet Maria.


Remember no collusion, no collusion, also, winning.

Amazing that one ‘American’ political party is so desperate to win they’ll happily suck Putin’s dick just so long as those evil Democrats are defeated. I’m typically an independent myself, but I cannot ever see voting for the tea party Trumpkin wing. Ever. Totally nuts and corrupt.


That gun does not go with that red dress. Doesn’t she have any fashion sense?


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In a sane world, the NRA taking money from Russians by itself should be enough of a scandal to bring down the organization. It’s membership should be up in arms over this bullshit. That they aren’t is indicative of how full of shit their supposed patriotism really is.

Add to that the fact that the money influenced a presidential political campaign and this should, again - in a sane world, destroy the administration.


NRA = Naive Russian Association?


Why does this, once again, make me think of a particularly noxious round of Steve Jackson’s Illuminati? “The KGB will use the NRA to take over the GOP.”


Raw Story says that it was Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, not the Committee itself that released the documents with these allegations.

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday released a preliminary report claiming that the National Rifle Association was used by Russian intelligence services “as a means of accessing and assisting Mr. Trump and his campaign.

Still haven’t seen a link/image of the document though. :confused:


It’s at the end of that Raw Story article.


While I support your anger towards Trump and the like, there is no evidence of any collusion here. Interference by Russia? Sure. Collusion with Trump, not to be found.



and you know what they say about one good apple in a spoiled bunch:

“I ain’t reaching into that barrel of rancid apples.”


Thanks. That is embarassing.


Yeeeeeah, you should maybe read the document.

First sentence of the report: “In its limited investigation so far, the Committee has found evidence of multiple
contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian government officials or their intermediaries, including offers of assistance and purported overtures from Vladimir Putin, which warrant further investigation.”