National Rifle Association files for bankruptcy, NRA will legally move from New York to Texas

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I am shocked, SHOCKED that an organization led by people who were too grifty and dishonest for Oliver North somehow burned through all those hundreds of millions of dollars in annual funds.


They should have known to just hold on loosely, but don’t let go. If you cling too tightly, you’re gonna lose control.


But will that crooked AG still be there when they arrive?


Goodie! Trash Day!


They should have gone rock-in in-to the night, rockin into the night.


Something went really wrong, I thought it was easy times for the group.

Maybe now “NRA” can be given back to the Natiinal Recovery Act.


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They weren’t already in Texas? Dale Gribble would be so disappointed.


Will the reconstituted NRA retain its principles (and principals)? Note that the US Constitution does not grant a right to life after birth. As shooters know, Murkans have the right to kill or be killed. That’s the 2nd Amendment as currently interpreted, right?


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Wow, am I relieved! I just saw this headline elsewhere, but I misread it as “NBA files for bankruptcy”


Really? We ran out of 38 special songs that fast?




Seriously that is probably the only line I know in that song


I’m still absolutely fucking stunned that an organization whose focus is guns would actually hire that one person to run it.

It’s like the irony just flew over their heads and it really speaks to how ignorant the people who support them are.

I was once a member years ago, just to go to the convention because I do like guns (having R. Lee Ermy behind me on the escalator to an NRA show was cool) but even at the time I knew how fucked up they were and had no desire to stay a member.

The organization is just run by idiots and supported by even bigger idiots and gullible fools at this point I am glad they’ve gone into bankruptcy.


Well now we brought Lando into an NRA discussion…

fun fact: Miles Davis asked him who did his hair


Thoughts and prayers…


Life member here; as was my late Father. Regular; consistent donor. No thousands each year, or tens of thousands; but regular; consistent donors.

Had a for no reason aside from vengeance restraining order slapped on me couple of years ago. Dismissed; no evidence; accuser had multiple previous DV charges, and previous multiple dismissed for no reason restraining order involvement.

I was accused of brandishing weapons, display of weapons, usual make up the worst and use the nice and pretty voice in front of a Judge.

Dismissed at first appearance of parties.

I could not even get a call back from these clowns when I needed real time 2nd A assistance. Nothing. It was as if I was talking into space to contact them about an actual 2nd A violation.

Ok, they did keep calling me and writing me wanting more donations; so they could “protect my 2nd A”.

What a giant, steaming, pile of Cr@p.

Fake Charity. Ok; they bought nice clothes, suits, and dresses, and spent millions lobbying.

Good riddance, and no good bye. :confused:


It looks like they are doing the “please let us out of any deals we no longer want to uphold, and let us pay all our creditors pennies on the dollar and then at the end of it we are free and clear” as opposed to the “ok, please hold the wolves at the door for a few weeks/months while we close up the shop sell off all the goods and vanish forever” kind of bankruptcy.

So you may be envisioning this as “good, those idiots are gone”, but it is really “those idiots get to say ‘oops my bad!’ and erase most of the financial difficulty and start again”.

(which to be fair, sometimes companies that do that emerge stronger then ever, and sometimes they do chapter 11 a few times and then die a final chapter 7 death)