The Deeper Connect Nano is like the VPN of the future, without the monthly fee

The LAN and WAN ports have an RX at 930Mbps, which is close enough for a $25 machine. The picture accidentally labels the LAN port with the USB speeds, which is a typo.

The iperf3 tests of ethernet speed put it on par with the RasPi4, and I suppose if the latter claims to be gigabit then all the competitors with similar performance need to as well.

I don’t own any friendlyelec devices, but they are a respected company. I used their picture (and not one of a Rock64 or Raspberry Pi, I do own those) because this one looks so much like the one deeperconnect is selling. There are other companies (like GL.iNET) that sell devices in roughly the same form factor.

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So you’re saying that for the low, low price of $199.99, I can buy a raspberry pi-class device from “Deeper” and run it as a knockoff tor exit node on my home network? And revel in the flood of cease and desist notices from comcast when my “deeper network” peers use my IP to download movies from the pirate bay?

Where do I sign up?!

Think of it this way, you’re spending $200 on plausible deniability.


If you want to run your own VPN it’s not hard to spin up an OpenVPN server on Azure or AWS. There’s even templates for this. I run an ultra low spec B1s VM in Azure that’s less than $10/mo (you can prepay to get it as low as $3/mo) that runs an OpenVPN node. When I’m traveling or need a secure connection I just power the VM up and connect to it.

The only downside is if I set up a VM in another country some overzealous geo IP blockers may block cloud providers like AWS or Azure just because.

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Similarly, I have a t3.micro in AWS acting as a lighthouse for my nebula overlay: GitHub - slackhq/nebula: A scalable overlay networking tool with a focus on performance, simplicity and security

I’m not routing all traffic over it, although, I might switch to digital ocean, since they don’t meter bandwidth as strictly as amzn. Also. It would be less money going to amzn…

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They do. I was running a bare-metal cloud server in New York while I was living in Norway, and tunneling to it for watching US TV (with services I pay for). NBC Sports worked fine, but Amazon Prime was a no-go.

That’s who I was using. Pretty satisfied with them, FWIW.


being liable for other people’s crimes is the best kind of internet security


I think you misunderstand. It’s on purpose.
They do it for us to relieve our stress, and for them to read some funny comments.


The picture accidentally labels the LAN port with the USB speeds, which is a typo.

I think it’s not.
They very clearly state that the LAN port is a USB2.0 converted to gigabit Ethernet.
Considering the max data rate of 480 Mb/s of USB2.0 High Speed and all the overhead, its declared speed seems even a bit optimistical. It’s the same kind of Eth port you can find on the RPi 3.


Looking closer, you’re probably right on that port. I still think it is reasonable to say it has gigabit ethernet. And those that don’t, or who have applications where the listed bandwidth on the second port would be a bottleneck, probably should plan on spending a little more money for something more powerful.

Perhaps “gigabittish”?


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