The democratization of censorship: when anyone can kill as site as effectively as a government can


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I think what you meant to say is:
The democratization of censorship: when anyone can kill a site as effectively as a government can


Came here for the same pedantism you did.


On the eve of the Stuxnet attacks, half a decade ago, I found myself discussing what it all meant with William Gibson (I’d just interviewed him on stage in London), and I said, “I think the most…”

This lead paragraph is just full of self-importance. Half a decade ago? Name dropping? Talking up that you were onstage? Then quoting yourself, not the person you just name dropped?


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If William Gibson had said it, then perhaps it’d be he that’s quoted.


Isn’t sending words you uttered one time to be read another time an example of self-exportance, since you are exporting your words?


Not pedantry, just reporting a typo or two.

Some of my comments here don’t make sense either, until I reread them and correct them.


My mistake. I’m projecting, being a complete and utter pedant myself.


Krebs’s site seems to be down again.


If the average person can take down a site, then the internet will cease to exist.

I suspect the security to prevent that will evolve along with the weapons. Something anyone can use should also be easy for anyone to counter.


Not a reliable method.

Someone with really vile viewpoints, who gets condemned for those viewpoints, could take the condemnation as confirmation… (I wrote up an example involving a hypothetical neo-Nazi, but I deleted it to avoid triggering anyone else.)


Propagation seems to be a bit slow. I tried and failed once, only to try again a minute later and succeed.


Maybe a DNS issue? I’ve had no problems hitting the site today.


I just checked 2sec ago and it was fine.


Pedantry, please!


One problem is the technology. Conventional websites, even with content distribution networks, are vulnerable to these attacks. Not all technology is. A truly distributed network may be in better positioned to handle an attack like this. If the content exists everywhere it’s a lot hard to attack.


Hypothetically speaking.


I’d ask for twice my money back. Also, welcome, new community member.


Pedantry, pedanticism, or pedantism.