Wikimedia sues the NSA


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If a judge tells the NSA to stop, I am not convinced the NSA would stop.


So what?

There are plenty of other ways to get rid of corrupt governments, but they have to be tried in order.
If they are caught defying court orders, maybe that will help turning US public opinion against them.

You can’t skip ahead and start an armed revolution before the other methods of regime change have been exhausted. Be patient.

In the end, no real violence was needed to take down the Berlin wall, and with it, the Stasi.


It will be interesting to see what is proved and what is not. Tip to judge: if you want to save time, recruit jurors from BoingBoing BB. Some of them know everything there is to know on the subject of the NSA (including poll results!)

First you have to find the “person” responsible for doing this, right?

How about we start with clapper who lied through his teeth to congress? Which comes with a hefty jail term i believe?


I just figured it out: you need a death-qualified jury for this.
(by “you” I basically mean “America”)

The death penalty, in this case, being the complete dissolution of the NSA (and perhaps related services).

Any juror who is unwilling to consider this due to vague fears for “national security” is clearly unacceptable.


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