Senators back NSA reform bill to curb US surveillance


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I hope that this same group will pursue legal action against those in the NSA who broke the law.


Sit down, pick up the phone, and call your senator. Order them to support this bill. This bill and bills like them might be the most important legislation in American history.


I want this to make it to the President’s desk, and I want to see if he’ll veto.


I’m more than slightly worried that this is being used to distract attention from the fact that the whole Homeland Security structure is broken in much the same ways. NSA is easy to villify. What’s being done about everything from Gitmo to TSA to…?

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unfortunately, even in the best case scenario, these reforms will serve to provide better protection for american citizens only. the rest of the world is still boned.

further, it will have no effect on the spying done by other governments. so we’ll all still be under surveillance, but if you’re american then the people spying on you might not be your own government anymore.

the threat to our privacy is, unfortunately, much bigger than just the NSA.

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NSA is easy to villify.

NSA isn’t being “vilified” in the first place.

What’s being done about everything from Gitmo to TSA to…?

It’s possible to focus on multiple issues at once. No one is ignoring Gitmo. If you want Gitmo closed down, then do your damnedest to get republicans voted out of office.

Cowicide: Where’s the ongoing news coverage on the other issues, outside of admittedly fringe-ish media like BoingBoing? We may be able to focus on multiple issues at once, but the media generally don’t – it’s a lot easier to get attention focused on one at a time. And it’s entirely too easy to get the public’s attention off something big and important and hard to fix by throwing out something jucy and immediate that appears to have obvious solutions… and then bury that by throwing out another distractor.

Do I think it’s being done deliberately? No, probably not… But this is one of the few areas where I think a bit of conspiracy paranoia is justified, because we KNOW that it can be done and has been done.

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We may be able to focus on multiple issues at once, but the media generally don’t

Never count on the corporate media to stick with anything unless it benefits the owners of said media. As I said, things like Gitmo are a longer term problem that involves voting republicans out of office. It’s been made clear by the public that they want it shut down, Obama tried and republicans blocked it. If there’s a shorter term solution, I honestly don’t know what it is.

I agree with you that it’s important to keep Gitmo in the public eye, but I think boingboing has done so quite well…

3 days ago:

And this…

My point, as I said, is that BoingBoing is an exception in that regard.

I’m not criticizing the NSA posts here (at least, not from this angle). I’m observing that the media, and the politicians – not necessarily in that order – have jumped on the NSA issues with all the fervor of someone trying not to deal with issues that are less convenient and less soundbite-friendly.

And, in any case:

(I’m also reminded of the cartoon I saw decades ago, in which a gentleman is angrily declaiming “As an American, I deeply resent being spied upon by the CIA – it should be the FBI, or nobody!”)

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So, by ‘Bi-partisan’ here, we mean ‘Three democrats and Rand Paul’.

I don’t think this bill has any chance with the mainstream Republican party. On the democrats there will probably be an even-ish split. It won’t pass.

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