Americans do not like NSA spying and want to reform the Patriot Act, new poll reveals


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See, this is EXACTLY why stuff like this is supposed to be kept secret. The rabble never knows what´s good for them.


I know. It’s like some people actually think they should be able to participate in decision-making that affects their lives.

I dunno where these crazy ideas come from.

It’s a good thing there’s an oversight body to make sure the NSA doesn’t have to waste any time worrying about what people think about what they do.


The phrasing of the questions is always tricky on these things,

“I’m going to read you some statements that some people have said”
I wonder what would happen if you told them “The following statements are all true” instead.


Why everybody gotta’ be hating on Patriots? I’ve been told the Patriot Act keeps me safe every day and we’re fighting for freedoms. Right? I like our freedoms and our American Way Of Life.


Fighting bloody tooth and claw harder than anyone for freedom, and not even coming in at 10th place.
Pity really.
More here.



They want to reform it, sure, but are they going to do anything to affect that change? I am feeling less confident in this.


Without the laugh track I’d have completely missed the irony.


The scary thing is that it’s about 20 years old. Some things don’t change…


“These colors don’t run”.
Correct, they fade and fold and are dirtied and torn from being dragged across the floor for so long.
And in need of a damned good wash.


Tom Brady.


This is Daryl, from Kwinzee, Tom Brady anna Patriots ain’t done nothing that every other team don’t do, issa wich hunt and I, for ONE, am sick of the NFL punishing graet teams like Our WORLD CHAMPEONS!



No matter how I sort those three columns on your Wiki link, I can’t get the US any higher than 31st place. 'Merika, Fuck yeah!


How the mighty have fallen.


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