Ron Wyden and Rand Paul kill the Patriot Act (ish)

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SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Why do we need the “Freedom” act again? Why isn’t letting the “Patriot” act die a good thing?

“the FBI has admitted that Section 215 surveillance has never produced intelligence that led to them cracking a terrorism-related case or preventing a single terrorist attack.”

Seems like this is a stupid thing that has been authorized. Why not just let it die?

“Tonight, the US Senate failed to move ahead with the USA Freedom Act, an NSA reform billl”

Why do we need to a transitional period where we continue doing a stupid thing and gradually draw back on said stupid thing? Why not just stop doing the stupid thing?


So it continues without legal coverage?


Despite his obvious motivation of raising his presidential profile, and regardless of my negative opinion of him overall, I appreciate what Rand is doing here.


Agreed. The most obvious question which remains is why did Democrats not step up and take the lead on this issue? Ron Wyden and a few others have been in the forefront, but not the public face of opposition to this unconstitutional overreach. The answer is that they are still running scared of being labeled as weak on defense, so they acquiesce to the herd mentality that sees boogeymen around every corner.


Because, with few exceptions, they are as fundamentally authoritarian as the Republicans, just without the layer of batshit crazy on top of it.


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