Surveillance State Repeal Act: repealing the PATRIOT Act and some of FISA


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It looks like a good list. Unfortunately, item 1 will give it a whelks chance in a supernova of passing. Opponents will proclaim repeal of the PATRIOT act as being “soft on terrorism”.

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The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of whelks…
(with apologies to Mr. Jefferson)

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not with that attitude it won’t

Good! Is there any indication that this one would get closer to passing than the one last week?

If you are not personally writing your representatives you are part of the problem.

Of course they will, but that (non) argument is (finally) losing steam. It may take a long time yet, but bold actions like the Surveillance State Repeal Act are exactly what is needed.

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I don’t think my member of parliament is allowed to vote on US laws.

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Rush Holt is running Geek Out, “national online policy forum” tonight (July 30).

Where can I get that sticker?

Edit: I’m so lazy, there’s a link on the sticker. Here is a store link:

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