The PATRIOT Act is uglier than you thought, and what to do about it

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Woohoo! Here goes!


Boo-hoo! The link goes to a 3mu file, not a MP3…

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Here you go:

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So if a small, small, very tiny part of my mind is expecting a false flag operation soon, does that mean I need a tin foil hat?

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I’m not a fan of Rand Paul, but if he successfully blocks the Patriot Act, I would dislike him less.


No, you are fine. Your qualifier “small, small, very tiny part” shows your rational distrust of your own worries.

It’s a natural thought to think – “The Powers that Be will stop at nothing to retain their power.”

I thought it myself.

On the other hand, History is what actually happens, not all the possible nightmares over which we lose sleep.


Oh I don’t know. History’s had some pretty horrible nightmares before.

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A guy on NPR said that sunsetting the Patriot Act isn’t enough, and that a number of distasteful parts of the Act will survive the sunsetting. He said that new legislation must be passed in order to put right the wrongs in the Patriot Act.

Does anyone have more insight on this?

I was about to submit the form and then I caught this line:

Fight for the Future will contact you about future campaigns.

No thanks. I don’t want to be in the NSA’s database and I don’t want to be in your database. That should be opt-in and I think not even giving me a chance to opt-out tells me these people lack integrity.

No, tin foil will not protect you from the fallout from contrails. You need to make a hat out of waxed paper.

If our government is going to continue doing these things we need laws that specifically say they can be done and then we need actual, real oversight.
What we cannot have is oversight committees who are cheerleaders for those whom they are supposed to be watching.

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On The Media is the best show on the radio. Very informative and not overproduced.

If enough people will believe a future incident to be a false flag, it may be a disincentive for such false flag incidents.

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