Rand Paul plans to crush the PATRIOT Act

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Bernie Sanders would do the same thing to the Patriot act, and he would not be a complete disaster as a President, unlike Paul.


Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.


Came here to post that exact quote.


Rand Paul has a better PR person.

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It’s not a campaign promise — Paul is literally doing this tomorrow. If Sanders is as opposed NSA spying and Patriot Act abuses as he claims, he could put his money where his mouth is and help Paul kill it.


Klan Paul is all for personal liberty…except when it comes to control over one’s body and choice of life partner.

In other words…Klan Paul is a hypocrite who falls squarely in the back of the G0P clown car.

I would not trust Klan Paul to change a flat tire.


I’ll just leave this here.

I think we can scuttle PATRIOT without resorting to a guy who thinks “free healthcare” means “the medical profession gets hauled away by the secret police, forced to toil without pay in the health mines.”


It’s not flattering to the boingboing founders and editors that they commission posts by someone who apparently has much less of a clue about politics than most of the blog’s readers and commenters. Rand Paul is a disaster on almost all policies that I wager most happy mutants care about. Posting a link to the media fellatio by Politico should be a huge embarassment.

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You mean Carla Sinclair, Boing Boing co-founder and Mark’s wife?


Senator Paul has my respect and admiration for his plans, and hopefully will win same for his actions.


I would hope there would be a groundswell of people standing up for our rights, there aren’t. The fact that Rand Paul is doing the right thing tomorrow deserves support regardless of his other views. I hope he pulls it off.


Like being critical of the drug war, hemp legalization, criminal justice reform, felon voting rights, civil liberties, and skepticism towards ongoing meddling in the middle east and elsewhere?

Yes, there are issues many here (and I) would disagree with him on. But I disagree with the constant hostility to politicians that are helping on certain issues. Especially when it comes to dragging his own party kicking and screaming. Good governance requires good opposition- which the Republicans have clearly failed to provide recently. If you consider the Republicans to be your opponents, wouldn’t you rather have a republican that already agrees with you on, say, 30% of the issues, or would you rather it be a fight from scratch every time just because he’s on the wrong TEAM.


Rand Paul only cares about the former with regards to the Federal Government, he wants States Rights for the rest.

Civil Liberties wise he feels that the Civil Rights Act to be abolished so that people can have the Right to Refuse blacks and women from their property.

Stahts Rahts! I swear. Some people are really fixed on that he wants you to have the option to smoke pot and ignore how fucking abominable of a person he is. He’s his daddy’s boy, after all.


I do think his particular analogy was a little ridiculous, but I wish the larger point were something brought up far more often, which is the distinction between negative and positive rights. I don’t think the average low-info voter grasps that distinction, and it’s rather important. So good on him for addressing it, bad on him for not using a better example and being clearer and to the point about it.


It’s not even the right idea and the wrong execution. The Pauls as Birchers/“Austrian Economists” believe separation of church and state, regulations, public investments, rights for gays, racial minorities, and women are literal slavery for white Christian conservatives.


You might consider looking up Ron Paul’s voting record and most recent public statements of platform and belief, then doing the same for Rand Paul, and finding the differences. Then you could make an informed criticism of them, rather than making up straw men out of your imagination.


Their personal statements, beliefs, and voting record are not a straw man. The ideal Paul exists only in your imagination. These are regressives that occasionally have the right idea when its the federal government. They believe in States Rights to do all manner of evil.


In 2008, what did you think Obama would do about the Patriot Act, and the rest of the national security state?

Bernie Sanders -says- he wants to get rid of it.

So did Obama.


Having worked in three different “free” healthcare systems as a physician, I can hand on heart assure you all (and Rand Paul) that I’ve yet to be hauled away and forced to toil without pay. I might have been emotionally blackmailed into working a few times when I’d rather have been elsewhere, but even then I got paid for my time!

That said, if he’s going to help defeat the Patriot Act, why not just applaud him for saying something sensible? He might appreciate the support and do it again.