Old Paul Ryan gaffe goes viral: "We're not going to give up on destroying the health care system"


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He’s a shitweasel. Looking at this district’s voting history, he’s a shitweasel who won’t be going away anytime soon either.


I just passed a road sign on the highway of life; it read, “Exasperated”. I am passed exasperated.


No chance he’ll got the way of Eric Cantor?


Lets see what Trump told him about his help from Russia during the election campaign. Love to see him go down with that ship.



Also going viral: 2012 Sean Spicer.



Given that the latest news appears that Ryan has been dreaming about screwing poor people over since college, this is not a gaffe. Really, what college student thinks about screwing over poor people??


This crap is dangerous in the wrong hands.


Eric Cantor got replaced by David Brat, who is even worse.


Oh, I know. I was just wondering if Ryan might get primaried by a similarly awful candidate.


I can’t even imagine what a downer he must have been for his college roommates:

“Dude, we’re heading out to the beach, maybe pick up a pizza, wanna come?”

“Go ahead without me, guys, I’m dreaming about screwing over the poors.”


From TFA
"What he is has already been established; the gaffe is haggling over the price."

To be fair the original of this is an extremely sexist remark attributed to various men (including the Duke of Wellington) and failing to note the corollary: that they were all johns.


Less of a shitweasal, and more of a crepe leopard.


All that seems to be missing is Ayn Rand’s The Cherry Orchard (in which a useless cherry orchard is rooted up to build a steelworks), Ayn Rand’s Three Sisters, (in which the sisters never get to Moscow because of government red tape), Ayn Rand’s The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, (in which Holmes is shot by a libertarian for killing Moriarty, who was a wealth creator), and Ayn Rand’s last book, How to Navigate Your Way Round the Federal Benefits System and Maximise your Income.


Paul Ryan went to Miami of Ohio IIRC. Not much in the way of beachgoing or anything else out there. It’s also one of those places that breeds the dudebro mentality*. He probably felt right at home there

*Not that my alma mater was much better. It really wasn’t.




Doesn’t this count more as a Freudian Slip?