We won't have Paul Ryan to kick around anymore


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But - we can still kick him anyway?


Good riddens to that selfish bastard (especially since Randian selfishness is in his eyes a virtue – fuggin idiot).


Dunno why not.


such a damn slimy weasel.


Best crass “they walk into a bar” joke, ever.


Top-notch reporting!


LOL Thanks, Cory!

Paul Ryan To Retire To Spend More Time With His Future Paychecks

I saw one reporter on the twitter box say something, like "it'll be interesting to see what Ryan does now that he's a FREE MAN" and the context was Trump oversight. Um, uh, how can you cover politics and not know how this works? This is his final audition. This is his last hazing ritual. His chance to enter the 37th Order of Rich Parasites, Koch Lodge. He's going to deliver all he can with as much enthusiasm he can in order to get the legalized bribery that awaits him on the other side.

I suppose, like Evan Bayh, he could retire and become a teacher in his home state. Hahahahahaha.



“The kind of board that he would go after would probably pay between $250,000 and $300,000 a year and he could probably get three or four of them,” said Fred Foulkes, a professor of at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. “There would be dozens that would like to have him, particularly companies that have part of their business in key relationships with certain parts of government.”


The guy whose work helped ensure many Americans will never be able to afford retirement at any age is now retiring at age 48. At least he’ll live long enough to see the horrible consequences of his fiscal policy, even if he’ll be personally insulated from most of them.




Wow, interesting and insightful interview with one of the hereditary ruling class. Lots of laudable noblesse oblige going on there.


House Speaker Paul Ryan, an asshole, is quitting his job.

Roger Fucking That!


Are you sure the bartender didn’t serve them tainted alcohol because the bartender recognized them?

I mean, the no regulations thing is pretty good cover, I’ll admit…



He’s near the top of the list by the way.


A lot of Republicans rushing for the exits these days. I wonder what alerted them to the pending disaster…


I’ve read at least one article theorizing who the new GOP Speaker would be. Apparently, some reporters don’t know what’s going on around them.



Freudian autocorrect. He is the insult.


Let’s not start “doing” each other just yet. Who knows what he’ll come back as.