Fifth Republican Senator announces he will quit

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The older moneyCons and neoCons can’t see much upside to staying in the party now that it’s been taken over by a right-wing populist death cult. Time to cash in their chips and let others deal with the mess they helped cause.


So what we need to hope for is that the Republican candidates for these open seats are so crazy that they’re un-electable and the Democrat squeaks in.

The problem is that assumes there’s still some kind of line that makes a Republican un-electable. (Ted Cruz says “hi”) otherwise we end up with a Republican caucus full of Hawleys, Cruz, and Tubbervilles.

How are housing prices in Vancouver again? asking for a friend


Adios Mr. D-Bag, hit the lights on your way out…


Vancouver is very expensive.


You’re assuming Canada will let you and your family in. Last time I looked , they would let me in as a software engineer, but not my wife as she was still in school and an entry level. That’d take a job from a canadian, so they wouldn’t let her in. Marriage doesn’t allow me to bring her in too, it holds no special significance on whether or not someone can come in.

So I was told, “Yes, you can come to Canada, Lion. But your wife can’t. And you can’t leave the country for six months. She can visit you though, but not stay.”

It’s interesting because everyone talks about US immigration being strict when Canada’s is far stricter than ours. I have friends who’ve gotten just a single DUI who can never enter Canada.


I see what you did there :+1:


And conversely, Canadian conservatives cry about Canada’s supposedly lax immigration laws, as if people are pouring over an open border.


As a Democrat, I feel like these guys need a challenge throw-down, like “okay, now that you don’t own the playing field, you’re taking the ball and going home? Where’s the courage and leadership in that?”

I, too, fear that there will just be insane junior Republicans stepping up to drive the country into the ground as soon as they get the helm again. We need Stacey Abrams replicated for every state.


I think your analysis is spot on. It’s worth mentioning it’s not clear there is a large gap between Blunt and Hawley anyway. Blunt’s votes are as repressive as Hawley’s.

But let’s fight for that Missouri spot! The good people deserve it.


I was hoping “quit” to mean “leave office now” rather than “retire when his current term is up, as one might reasonably expect a 70something person to do.”


Yeah, which is hilarious, as I had to take a little test / survey to determine if I had enough “good boy points” to enter into canada (right job? Right career path? Good education? Criminal record? College degree? Race/gender/sexual orientation all things they want/need? Target location got demands for those things and can’t fill with canadians?) and barely eeked through that.

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The leading candidate to replace Blunt is Eric Greitens, the ex-governor who resigned ahead of a impeachment inquiry after he abused and blackmailed an affair partner. His wife divorced him last year - I don’t think he’s remarried yet. He’s quite as venal and evil as Hawley and reportedly they hate each other’s guts. He was MO’s first Jewish governor; hurray for diversity.


It wouldn’t matter if he did quit now, the MO governor, who is himself an idiot, would appoint a GOP up-and-comer to the office who would be quite as bad as anyone the GOP runs next year.


So who is going to be the first Republican to grow a spine and become an independent? Remaining in the party and retiring in a few years time is just a cowards way of not doing anything.


5 down. Too many to go.


Lobbying is a hellava drug.

See Pat Roberts.


Just because they’re your friends, doesn’t mean they have to be our friends too. We Canadians like our safe streets.


It could at least be symbolically meaningful, especially if he said “I’m leaving because I can’t be party to this cultish shit-show any longer” instead of “I’m ready to retire.”


Missouri had a D senator no longer than 2 years ago. It might be a tough fight, but I don’t think the chances of a democrat winning are “vanishingly” small. Especially if they’re running against an unpresentable Trump nutcase.