GOP majority crumbles as Rep. Mike Gallagher bails

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What was it that Ken Buck said? “I think he’s more worried about the next 3 to leave?” Tick, tick guys! (Guess it does make me wonder what he knew at the time, if anything.)


I mean, good… but this is really just them abdicated any responsibility for the current state of affairs. They’ll (meaning the supposedly “not extremist” GOP members) bail on congress when it’s at its most dysfunctional, but they won’t stick around and work with the Democrats to fix this shit?


The pro grifters know to get out of town when the gig is up


Might there be a situation where through just general GOP stupidity and miscommunication that Jeffries gets the speakership by some GOPers missing votes or voting “present”?


If these bailers become lobbyists, I wonder if we’ll be any better off.


One down, two more to go?


The bailers obviously don’t have any significant influence anymore, so they would effectively be grifting the folk who used to legitimately sponsor them. Works for me.


THREE MORE REPUBLICANS. Three more folks with a half a nickel of decency and respect for the country and the Constitution. Don’t resign; stay in office but quit the Republican party. It’s not the party you signed up for anymore, anyway!
Stay in as an independent but vote for Hakeem Jefferies! Like, if I’m in the Democratic leadership, I’m promising them that we’re not going to do anything crazy - we just want to get shit done, some actual bipartisan things like funding the government and border control bill. Get a handful of 'em to vote in Jefferies and let’s see the House actually be able to function again.

Make MAGA irrelevant again!


With any luck, the loons will go down with the ship.


another republican with no guts to stand up to the band of crazies that have taken the party over.from the previous band of crazies: like that 70’s made-for-tv movie “bug”, the next generation is just far worse


You know what, though? If they do not have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to their own monster, it might be the best they can do to get out of the way and let other who are willing do it. Faintest praise, but there it is.


I wish they’d do this, too, but I’m guessing that they’re resigning instead, because they are getting death threats for lack of loyalty to Trump…

Maybe, but also, it could be that they get replaced with more Trump loyalists? Depends on the district, I guess. More purple districts, getting a Trumper get the nomination might mean that they lose the district?

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…to be replaced by a next gen republican? Andre Jacques (anti-vaxxer who got covid in a bad way) stepping up to the call. wheeeee


Yeah I don’t know either. Part of me wonders if they have access to some internal polling that shows the GOP is going to get destroyed this November, and they’re bailing now, with plans to form a new party out of its ashes.


his district seems red since 70’s with a few hiccups; 2022 had 0 challengers coming close to Gallagher, and the first republican to toss his hat into the ring for this round is an anti-vaxxer that got the vids in a bad way, yet still can’t take a stand on covid.

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These guys aren’t running for re-election as is. If we can GOTV in a competent manner, maybe we hold them off. And if they nominate extreme assholes, maybe our chances are better. There are districts where the worst will always win, but lacking an incumbent is going to be an advantage everywhere. Is it enough? Depends. GOTV!


primary in aug. we shall see.

Maybe… that’s what needs to happen, that there is a mass exodus and they start a new party. It happened with the whigs, and it can happen again.

Yeah, I have little hope for flipping the 14th in GA (MTG), for example, given the history of gerrymandering up there… But we should try everywhere to flip all districts… Getting out the vote is our best strategy to continuing to weaken the MAGA movement. Playing by their own tactics will just play to their strategy.


See: John Boehner, Paul Ryan