Republican House Speaker Boehner announces resignation

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Really? Got tired of dealing with the stupid in his own party?

This doesn’t sound good though. If they put a Tea Bagger in as House Speaker, things will get worse really quick.


My thoughts, exactly! Avert a shutdown? I think it will accelerate one!


maybe the pope inspired him to redirect his life, and now he’s going to devote it to taking care of the poor and minorities?


one can dream…!


Welp, can’t stand any of 'em, but if they’re going to install a new speaker, I’d like to put in a word for the pile of crap from Michigan, Mike Rogers. High time we get some of that sweet, sweet pork barrel money that Ohio’s been getting for the last howevermany years.


Technically not too late to seek the Republican nomination for President! (Everybody else is doing it.)


So Boehner finally lost his boner!

I hoped that for a second too. After all he did apparently cry through the whole thing- - not that crying is anything new for him. Now I suspect he might be timing this to suck oxygen out of the Pope’s speech. At any rate, it’s hard not to be cynical about it.


Having watched his activity on Intelligence, and especially this…

In November 30, 2011 Congressman Rogers introduced the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA)...

…you certainly got it right, that he’s a pile…


Ousted by the Tea party, eh?

Sounds like 2010 came and bit them on the ass.

When you make a deal with the devil, you best expect he come callin’.

(“Devil come callin’” probably also involves losing the 2016 election if Trump’s clown show is any indication)


Oh, you don’t know the half of it. The district he’s from is pretty rural and turns out I’m way less than 6-degrees separation from him and his bullshit. Even before he ran for a seat within the state he was a know shitheel.


Speaker Gohmert?

So what might this mean for congressional elections?

Will the Republicans finally be reduced to irrelevance, and the main game come down to establishment versus progressive?


Maybe some corporation offered him a higher paying job…?

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Come oooon GOP, split into two!

I’ll hate both your parties, but we need more of that in the US. Then maybe the Dems can split up, and we can have some proper democracy. Oh, and give us ranked voting too, while you’re at it.

Of course you won’t split, because then the Dems will be guaranteed the presidency. Tell you what: we’ll split at exactly the same time. On my count, one… two… threeeeeee… split!


Man, I wish. Congressional elections are local elections and are much more subject to dirty tricks performed out of public eyesight - if Alabama doesn’t care that Alabama’s congressfolk are bought and sold, not much that the rest of us can do about it. It doesn’t matter if they’re fractured at a natural level as much - if they can manipulate their home district, they’re going to stick around for a while.


So the GOP adults are leaving the room to the brats. This will end well. For the Democrats.


He just got a better offer to replace Chester Cheetah for that sweet Cheetos advertising gig.


Apparently he got pretty weepy over getting to meet the Pope too, so I doubt that’s what’s going on.

Nice idea, but he’s not in Congress any more. He left this year to do conservative talk radio.