New House speaker nominee Tom Emmer already doomed with 26 "no" votes

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And we’re back to having MAGA hardliners propose the dumbest possible solution:

Nehls said if he goes to the floor, he will nominate the former president.

“I think Donald Trump is our answer,” he said. “Maybe for the first time in the history of our democracy, we should consider somebody from the outside. I suggested, if we go to the House floor for a vote, it is our leader Donald J. Trump for 100 days.”

Even for a full-on cultist this is just a bonkers idea. First, Trump clearly doesn’t want the job. Second, even if he did how could he possibly make the time given that he’s A) Running for President, B) Supposedly running a bunch of businesses, and C) Entangled in countless court cases?


At this point they need to just take the person with the most votes total, Hakeem Jeffries.
The GOP can’t get its act together, then they don’t get to choose the speaker. Make it serve as an object lesson to never vote Republican.


It’s a nice idea but under the current rules wouldn’t a tiny number of Republicans have the power to fire Jeffries immediately just like they did with McCarthy?


What does it take to change the rules here?



Having a speaker so you can decide on the rules…


I wouldn’t care one bit about this clown show if we didn’t have 21 days before the government shut down.


So its a paradox. You can’t elect a speaker under the current rules and you can’t change the rules unless there is a speaker elected.

Republicans are morons


This is exactly what they want though (at least the far right wing), to grind the gears of government to a halt. They are getting what they want here…


Yes, any member of the House (Republican or Democrat) can bring a motion to vacate the position, but the motion would require a majority of representatives to succeed. If the same Republicans that voted to elect Jeffries stuck to their vote, he could keep the position. Though this is unlikely.

Remember, this rule change was part of McCarthy’s concessions to the far right wing in order to let him win the Speaker position in the first place.


If it wouldn’t have such dire consequences, it might almost be fun to watch him try to do all those things. If I could watch from a distant galaxy, maybe.


The old Catch-217.


The GOP can’t have a perfect candidate for speaker when every previous vote on legislation is inspected for tiny traces of ideological impurity.

Reps have to run in their own districts, they know what their voters will support, but for this job they also have contend with a strict MAGA litmus test.


Pinochet got a sweet deal where he was immune from prosecution while serving out his term as Senator for Life. Trump is always interested in such loopholes.



they shouldn’t given that it’s a minority of the conference, it’s just that the majority are afeared of the dreaded primary challenge.


Can’t they just build a matrix of ALL GOP congresscritters that shows who would vote for whom, and when that fails to produce ANYONE who can get to 217, the selection of the Speakership automatically falls to Democrats?

I know none of this is possible, but that sort of quick, brute-force approach is no stupider than what Republicans are already doing.


insolubility #24601: if the Democrats merely voted ‘present’ two for every vote the vile MAGA crowd fail to vote for him Emmer would win (Steve Kornacki on Xitter) but then the republicans would get nasty that Emmer was being somewhat supported by Democrats and they would abandon him all the more. …and mind ya, Emmer is not worth any substative effort by a progressive anyway unless he agreed in blood to a half dozen sane/progressive assurances which would have all the republicans gone-zo if they became aware of it. …stealth voting? nah, the votes can be changed. and Emmer is likely toast anyway because steve-bannon had trump call Emmer a RINO because putin wants the House of Representatives not to provide any funds for Ukraine etc etc… sigh

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A certain orange fella knows who could be speaker.

“There’s only one person that can do it all the way. Do you know who that is? Jesus Christ. If Jesus came down and said, ‘I want to be Speaker,’ he would do it,”

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Which is why a grand bipartisan gesture from the Democrats wouldn’t resolve this mess even if the Democrats were up for it.

Remember, the whole reason McCarthy was ousted in the first place is because he had the gall to work with Democrats to avoid a government shutdown.

Anyone who thinks Democrats have the responsibility or even the ability to resolve this impasse hasn’t been paying attention.