MAGA congressman puzzled as to why Democrats won't vote for Democrat-hater Jim Jordan

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The Pelosi question is good, they should also ask, if the situation was reversed, which Democrat would you support for House Speaker?


This asshole isn’t “puzzled”.


Not at all, he’s working overtime to blame people who are not at fault for this Republican House of omnishambles.


I’m glad that the corporate media is is responding to the GOP claim that it’s the Democrats’ fault with appropriate mockery. It may seem like the obvious response, but there was a time not to long ago when the Beltway inside-baseball crowd would let this BS slide.


Yeah, they are well aware that most voters are blaming the GOP for this mess, including Republican and MAGA voters. They’re desperate to try to change the narrative. I also want the media to constantly remind them that it was Gaetz’s gang that demanded the rule that a single member of the House could call for a vote to vacate the Speaker. In past years, this never could have happened because a single House member couldn’t have initiated a vote like that. And that’s all on the GOP. I’m not sure what they thought was going to happen when they blew this up, but it unsurprisingly blew up right in their own face.


Who brought up the motion to vacate the speaker of the house?


LOL.Fucking clowns.


As long as they see the worst option being working on a bi-partisan basis, this shitshow will continue…


Can’t have your math and eat it too.


I keep saying this. It’s rare for a member of the House to vote for anyone other than their party’s nominee, but voting for the other party’s nominee is, historically speaking, just not a thing that happens. At all.

Republicans broke centuries of tradition by kicking out their own party’s speaker through unprecedented intra-party divisions and then tried to pin it on n the other side because Democrats didn’t break with centuries of tradition to make a grand gesture of bipartisan unity with the people demonizing them.


I have to admit, I am flabbergasted to see corporate media actually pushing back on fascistic talking points instead of just accepting them unquestioningly as they have to the last (seems like) zillion years. May we see more of this!!


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yeah, basically parties have historically always voted for the nominee.

for 50 years after World War II, not a single stray vote was cast for anyone other than the two major party nominees.

On several occasions since 1997, we have seen a few members of the majority party voting “present” or voting for someone other than their party nominee. But it has not prevented that nominee’s election as speaker.

but, exactly a hundred years ago there was this:

In [1923] the Democratic nominee Finis J. Garrett of Tennessee got 195 votes and two other Republicans got a total of 23. But the key obstacle for Gillett was a bloc of his party members who called themselves “progressives”

Getting Gillett over the finish line took a total of nine ballots, and in the end some of Cooper’s backers simply voted “present.” The speaker was reelected with just 215 votes. (That was a majority because by then only 414 members were present and voting for a name.)


If Mr. Scott (not the good one) is asking why Democrats aren’t voting for Mr. Jordan, the right reverse question to ask Mr. Scott is why Republicans aren’t voting for Hakeem Jeffries.


They follow political savants like Bannon:
"I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”
It’s like they’re surprised there’s a down side to making the world burn.


Brianna Keilar: I’m talking about how it works, and that is that the majority in the House of Representatives, your party, is responsible for electing the speaker. Not the Democrats.


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It’s been many years since I ran gaming tournaments at conventions, but I recall getting players like this every once in a while. (It’s one of the reasons I stopped doing it.) They would purposefully “misunderstand” the rules in such a way that it would benefit them especially when they’d just performed a less than stellar play and were suddenly faced with the consequences of their actions.

“The defensive action they got to use on me was only possible because I attacked first. It’s perfectly unfair that mine failed while theirs succeeded! That means I should be the winner of this round.”


I just contacted this clown via his .gov website. I look forward to the rage-fueled boilerplate response. What I wrote:

“Dear Congressman Scott: I am not a constituent, but am a Georgia native, current GA resident, and I own land in your district in Berrien County. I am writing to encourage you and other Republican Representatives you may be able to persuade to cast your vote for Hakeem Jeffries for Speaker, or at least to work out a power-sharing deal with the Democrats, so that the House of Representatives can get back to doing the nation’s business. There are many issues that face the country that need attention, and with another shutdown looming around Thanksgiving, it is necessary for Representatives of goodwill to come together to get things done. Now is the time for, dare I say, true patriotic Americans to take a stand for the good of the country. The world is watching. Thank you for you attention to my email.”


… apparently these days any single representative of either party can call for such a vote — what the Democrats can’t do is get their own guy elected


… many fringe political movements imagine that their little cult represents the “silent majority” in society and all it would take is one more crisis for the old world to fall away, leaving them in charge