Republican House Speaker Boehner announces resignation

Just in time for Halloween!

Boo. There goes our only hope for a speaker for a while.

The GOP is imploding. Aside from the moronic Trump debacles, they’re also facing a youge demographic crisis. It’s rapidly becoming of the party of soon-to-be-dead-white-men. Their youngest demo is libertarians who don’t know how to prioritize their own interests.


If the Republicans shift further to the right, would this lead to the Democrats also shifting right in an attempt to woo the not-so-right side of Republicans?

ummm, thats already happened


American politics are all very right. Our most left, compared to the ret of the world, is more centrist than actual left.

That is how far the crazy has pulled us.


I know, I’m just wondering if this will shift things even further right.

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The way I see this playing out, is the crazy right wing of the republican party dies out and are replaced by the more moderate faction, softening their social agenda to be less homophobic, bigoted, evangelical, etc., luring libertarians and other socially liberal, economically conservative folks back to the GOP and away from the Dems, allowing the more left-wing faction of the democratic party to pull it back to the left.

This is ultimately what’s good for liberal politics. The radical social agenda of the GOP prevents any true progress on economic policy.


I thought that I read that “centrist” democrats are effectively to the right of Nixon now…


As has been said elsewhere. The Republican’s crazytrain is bad for everyone becaus all you have to do is ‘not be these guys’ rather than having good policy.

I want a strong conservitive party. I want a strong liberal party. I want all manner of parties between these two. I want the ability for choices to go from your first to second, to third choices


Man, I just want leaders that make sense and care more about real people than money.


The GOP is so radical, it can no longer win a general Election. When that radical base dies, the party will drift more to the center, which will force the Democrats to distinguish themselves from the GOP, by moving to the left.

Or if the GOP wins the presidency in 2016 there could be a radical conservative insurgency and who knows how bad things will get. Yay! Time will tell!


Brace for the upcoming “New GOP” they’ll be pimping in 10 years when the old racists are dead.


“This isn’t even my final form!” - republican congress


I’m undercaffeinated so maybe that’s why I thought you wrote “If the Republicans shit to the right.” Made sense either way, I suppose…


Mike Rogers may be a conservative talk show host, but according to Wikipedia he is a “CNN National Security Commentator”.

Note the initial capital letters: “CNN National Security Commentator”.

This guy is not joking around, and neither is CNN.

Have a care, ye ignorant: the Commentator will address you in his good time.

[Update: added link to Wikipedia article.]

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That is a true statement. The leftmost we’ve ever been was under FDR before WWII. Since then, we have been sliding right while much of the world has been embracing cooperative economics and centralized health care, except for the autocratic countries. The USA has dominated the world but at the cost of producing a nation of ignorant people who have no understanding of their relative beliefs in a larger context. It is an echo chamber, ripe for stuff like the Trump clown car or a bizarre focus on Hillary’s emails. The thoughtful people here don’t stand a chance against the juggernaut of fools. We would like to think that a freak show like Trump “is unelectable” or that divine intervention will spare us his monstrosity, but just you watch… He COULD very well take office. This isn’t some fairy tale. Scoundrels have the upper hand and it’s going to be that way for a while.

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You are underestimating the crazy. Never underestimate the crazy.


Given that the RNC’s own after-action recommendation following Romney’s trouncing in 2012 noted that the GOP desperately needed to broaden the party’s base by reaching out to women and minorities (and by “reach out”, I mean, “don’t insult with petty, stereotypical insults”), and THEN given that contemporary GOP strategists are saying that the current cadidates should just double down on issues like abortion, gay marriage, and immigration, it’s clear the GOP will be fracturing into something if it hasn’t already happened yet.

But I’d say that probability is rather low. If anything, the second debate showed that he is either incapable or unwilling to speak in a nuanced way about policy–he can hardly give the rough details, and when asked about the finer points of anything he slips into “I’ll hire experts for that”. He’d probably be great as a VP attack-dog but I sincerely doubt he’d accept second billing.


But people keep talking about how the GOP is two parties and is fracturing, etc, and then they keep not doing it and stay the GOP same as ever. People have said this consistently since many elections ago and it never happens.

I agree that the probability of Trump being elected is low… Now… But when he was riding high it didn’t seem so dismissably low, did it? And this election is still very young. Surprises lurk around every corner.

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