Paul Ryan endorses Trump


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In other news, Paul Ryan wants to run for president in 2020.


Will the GOP still be a going concern by then?


“Man who thinks he’s an Objectivist Superman endorses Man who thinks he’s objectively Superman.”

Obviously. Who’s gonna punch down in their absence? You? Come on!


The evil grows stronger. Assholes.



Talk about damning with faint praise.

When was the last time it was even in QUESTION whether or not the House Speaker would publicly support their own party’s official nominee for President?



I love how the meaning of that statement hinges on whether or not you capitalize the last word.


A more important question: will the United States still be a going concern by then?


For Republicans, obedience or oblivion.


That might be the closest thing to a winning move. Imagine your choices are:

  • You didn’t support your party’s candidate


  • You supported Donald Trump.

Either one will give today’s Republicans some 'splainin to do in a few years.



Warning: contains hilarious foul language.



Wow, i know this is an old English propaganda poster that’s supposed to show “you can do your part!” But instantly read it as, when normal people simply follow along you end up with blindly obedient soldiers. Bravo Snowlark!


Just proves that Trump’s ass is large enough for the mouths of many republican politicians.


Why settle for that, when he can be President in early 2017… should some totally unforeseen tragedy occur, of course.



Paul Ryan endorses Trump

Somehow I heard this in Professor Farnsworth’s voice, starting with “Good news, everyone!”


I admit, I felt a bit guilty dragging it into this context, as I would’ve fully supported the intended message of this poster in its time. I’m glad someone pointed out its original (and noble*) purpose.

*Note to moral relativists: don’t even start.