Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump

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Horribly enough, the only surprising thing is how long it took.

(Anyone want to bet as to whether any of Palin’s “our small towns are just morally better than sneering urban elitists” constituency will remember or care? Magic 8 ball says no.)


I don’t know what she is high on but I know that I want to sample that stuff.


They are a good fit - Palin claims to support family values while being at the head of a dysfunctional family, Trump has just reversed everything he used to support (New York values) to get redneck support.
They could run a joint ticket on the “Cognitive dissonance” slate.


I listen to music on the ride in to work in the mornings and to NPR on the ride home. As I started my trip home yesterday, I turned the radio from the music station to the news and landed right in the middle of some comedian acting really ditzy and stupid. It was quite an act and I kept waiting for the punch line. I couldn’t figure out why there was a comedian on the news and the bit kept going. Then the announcer asked Donald Trump whether he would put Sarah Palin on the cabinet and he said, “Yes because she is so in touch with things,” or something to that effect. Then I realized, oh my god, that was Sarah Palin not a comedian parodying a really idiotic candidate. It was a surreal moment and a scary one.


Demon possession?


How many people voting McCain/Palin actually thought they were getting Tina Fey?
(Who would make a better VP than the entire Republican candidate list - though of course that’s just my élitist take on it.)


Forget VP, Tina Fey would make a better presidential candidate than any of the GOP candidates, by quite a margin. Fey/Chapelle 2016 perhaps?


Yup, Univision made the investment of the decade by buying The Onion


“Family Values” is a brand, not a way of life.

Otherwise >80% of republicans wouldn’t qualify :smile:


Good lord, her endorsement sounded like every sitcom scene where the character has to give a speech on something/someone they know nothing about. You would have thought that after a decade plus in the public spotlight she’d be better than this.


If we could just get all their supporters to gather in this cognitive dissonance state, and then…


The fun thing is that if you had asked me to think up a a satire of an extreme right-wing USA politician 15 years or so ago and then showed me palin/trump, i’d have laughed openly and called the satire far too overdone to be believable…

Still boggles the mind these two actually exist and are somehow popular O.o


Vitameatavegemin? When
michaelditullio said “sitcom” this immediately came to mind.


At least as best as I’ve been able to tell, what is surprising, even shocking, about trump is how well he has polled with Team Jesus and the hick squad without all that much culture-war pandering.

He obviously isn’t a good choice if you want progressive policy; but more typically your Bush or Huckabee pounds on his evangelical cred, rather than “Oh, church, I’ve done that sometimes.” and it is practically obligatory for candidates to pretend to like country fairs and go to a shooting range at least once; while Trump has made little secret of the fact that his reasons for leaving New York mostly involve resort hotels.

It makes me wonder if they’ve just been burned out by recent failures(last election, god’s golden boy lost out to Romney-the-overt-plutocrat who then lost out to the democrats, prior to that GWB underdelivered on even the red-meat establishment clause violations and gay bashing; in addition to generally fucking up); or if Trump’s very enthusiastic economic-populism pandering is enough to sell him to people who are increasingly jaded to the ‘zOMG, small towns are better!!!’ message when it is starkly clear that a lot of small towns and rural areas have basically been hollowed out, depopulated, and left to die slowly on disability and Oxycontin.


Yes, this New Yorker article even makes the point that the white power crowd considered Trump to be a “Jew lover” and basically support him because they are pissed off at the Republican establishment and they see Trump makes them very uncomfortable.

One of the frustrating quotes in here is a Republican complaining about how the Republican party establishment candidates don’t really support small-town values, they just vote for tax cuts and more money for billionaires. Isn’t the left always called out for being paternalistic and condescending for saying the exact same fucking thing for the last 30 years or so?


Now that is a band name.


Clear out all the assholes, a monthly gov check, and a regular supply of opiates? Ummm yes please.

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I was being semi-practical, Fey doesn’t have a Washington constituency to support her.

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Heard sound bits on NPR on the way into work this morning. I feel dumber for listening.