Sarah Palin to interview Donald Trump


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This could be one of the most wonderful things ever, or it could cause a singularity of suckitude that brings the universe to an end.

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You heard it here, folks. The Republican party is the anti-status quo party.


Probably the most coherent thing I’ve ever seen from her, no trouble understanding it at all!

And no trumpocalypse to see here, she’ll turn on the sex appeal and throw softball questions - she wants to be his running mate, duh!


Frankly, we should probably assume the actual Sarah Palin died shooting wolves out of a helicopter some time ago and has been replaced by a face/body double. This Facebook post was clearly the work of a Palin Word Salad Generator.


They should open the segment with yakkity sax.


They’re going to Go Rogue together and make up Bible quotes that are personally meaningful to but keep the results private so there mainstream media!

(Although you can learn Palin’s by looking at her palm when she waves goodbye.)


Given both Trump’s complete disrespect for McCain and his infamous misogyny, the only “nice” way this will end is if he completely ignores Palin.


it has that sort of insane grammar/puncuation like only someone on speed can write. i realize this probably went through a couple people before making it out in public (they abbreviated what the hell, but not what the heck…?!) but i cant help but picture her in the back of an escalade taking a huge bump and then leaning back and shouting WOOO before pushing “send” on her gold iphone. love how she makes sure to let us know shes reading scripture every day!!!


Not me. I’m adding things to my schedule (washing my tires, changing the air in my hair, boning up on the 191 episodes of Full House that I haven’t seen yet) just to make sure I’m too busy to accidentally glimpse one bare second of this shitshow.

I need what few working brain cells I still possess.


It’s the most Conservative stance of all!


I think it’s on us to make that remix.
And add the laugh track and other acoustic embellishments.


What’s the penalty for failing a Turing test?


It must have been her carer’s day off. Normally Sarah isn’t allowed to post to the Internet without strict supervision.

Anyone got a clue what she’s rattling on about? I mean I’ve only had a bit of practice on the Book of Revelations and the Voynich Manuscript, so I’m not quite up to Palin.


I think Sarah Palin just said one’s religious life has nothing to do with qualifications to be president.


It has absolutely nothing to do with scripture. Here’s the translation:

People who ask hard questions of conservatives are lame and bad and biased and unfair. They never ask anything hard from liberals. Remembering the recent past is an example. Object permanence, don’t’cha know?


This sentence from NPR’s article on new dictionary words is about the right response to this post:

Hey bruh, NBD and I don’t want to bants or act all butthurt, but I will straight-up rage-quit our lease over your fur-baby, who is rly not awesomesauce, despite your repeated attempts to mansplain its resting bitch face as “pensive,” or its constant theft of my frozen barbacoa burritos because it was hangry and craving something melty even though you get all cheffy for it three times a day, or its butt-dialing my ex because you didn’t see my phone sitting there while you were getting it to kayfabe all over the table for your rando friends, or my swole eyes being from my constant celebrations of beer o’clock and wine o’clock because we both know that dog manspreads all over my pillows when I’m not home, so stop with your weak sauce deradicalization and attempts to make this a skippable topic and by the way, you might want to get it to stop chewing my shoes before it gets hit on the head with this mic drop, mkay?


guess what followers do? they follow.


Is Fox News now part of the ‘lamestream’ because of all those terribly challenging questions Megyn Kelly asked Trump?


What was the bible trivia question, and what was Trump’s answer?