Rand Paul flees mid-burger just before Steve King insults immigration activist



By the way she says she was raised in the US (not born).

Republicans are caricatures of people. I can’t believe that anyone thinks it’s a good idea to vote for them… like, ever. Some people would shame me for expressing ideas such as “most people are stupid”, but I’d say that since the repubs consistently get a significant percentage of the vote I’d be right to at least claim that a depressingly large number of people are stupid.

PS; Who is the handler who tries to tell the camerawoman not to film? Someone needs to give that deadshit a reality-check.

PPS; Why wouldn’t you take the burger with you?


You know who’s going to vote for them? The waiter who just got screwed out of a tip because the DREAMers chased off Rand Paul before he could leave his customary 5%.


Oh please, Captain Gault only tips -20% because servce staff have the possibility of training themselves to work the back of the house and improve their hourly earnings.


I love this but I think that the back if the house usually makes even less than the waiters.

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I love how the cameraphone and the shareable internet enable low-cost distribution of such important conversations directly with our representative government officials.


Brave, brave Sir Rand…



i love brave, educated people like this who aren’t afraid to walk up and confront bigots with facts to their faces.



Partisan crap. Rand Paul may not be in the right, but the FACT is that the Obama admin has deported record numbers of illegal immigrants and has recently (as in the last few weeks) asked that laws be changed to make the deportation of unaccompianed children fleeing violence and poverty easier.

I am NOT on the side of the idiots in this video. I am also not on the side of people who want to pretend this is a partisan Repub v, Dem issue.

Shame on you, Xeni.


that was quite a finger wagging. anyone else you would like to blame?


Hooray for politicians!

Note to my fellow libertarians: You cannot stealth open borders even if you’re trying to infiltrate a political party whose mainstream is against it. You must be prepared to defend open borders at a moment’s notice. At least you have The Wall Street Journal and George Will on your side.

While she did mention that Paul and King are Republicans, you’re the one who drew the inference that this is a partisan issue. And you know what? You’re right. While the Administration has a pretty shocking record on immigration, at least they’re pulling hard for reform. Congressional Republicans have for years been steadfastly refusing to allow any reform measures to come up for a vote, all while talking about how important reform is. So yes, it is a Republican issue.

Also, King is by far the most reliable racist in Congress. Whether the topic is Islam or immigration, you can count on him to say something not just stupid, but offensive as well. He recently said on record that 99% of illegal immigrants are drug smugglers. Maybe hating foreigners would be a winning strategy among Democrats, but right now I only see one party using it. I expect it might backfire, because Hispanic Americans vote.

EDIT: That’s exactly the quote the young woman wanted to confront him on, and he stands by his words.


WTF. Rand Paul shakes hands with two complete strangers, and then goes back to eating his burger. Yuck.


I know. Watching him try to choke down one huge final bite made my stomach hurt.

Either that or King’s arrogance. Not sure which.

LoL, seemed like Xeni’s post only mentions party in identifying the individuals.

So is it just by association that you find being identified as a Republican offensive?

HaHa, j/k j/k

Anyway, on topic, your topic.

Guess what path taken can often be the most efficient path to reformation of laws on the books?

Did you guess enforcement?

You Win A Prize!


As a Republican myself, who grew up in the D.C. area, I feel it incumbent upon me to point out that all politicians are virulently allergic to facts. Rand Paul probably had a bad reaction, and needed to scamper off for an EpiPen before his constituency swelled up and choked.


Poor burger, do you know where those hands have been?