Rand Paul flees mid-burger just before Steve King insults immigration activist

to be fair, ALL politicians are caricatures of people.


I bet he came back later when it was safe.

“The politicians are easily startled, but they will soon be back, and in greater numbers.”


count on it, they’ll be back to flock you.

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I vote for Flock of Seagulls to be the unofficial band for Ran(d) Paul.

I walked along the avenue
I never thought I’d meet a girl like you
Meet a girl like you

With auburn hair and tawny eyes
The kind of eyes that hypnotise me through
Hypnotise me through

And I ran, I ran so far away
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I ran all night and day
I couldn’t get away


Wow. I mean I could attempt to contrast Rand Paul’s (R) record on standing up to state surveillance abuses, sentencing reforms, etc. with those of the president (D), but you’re so doubled-down on buying into stupid stereotypes and political labels that I’m not sure your brain could take the dissonance.

What IS this great nation coming to when people actually dare to hold opinions that differ from yours to any degree? Maybe next you can outline what kind of laws we can pass to stamp out those objectionable opinions?


Oh, I love this kind of artwork! Two hands rise from the page, facing each other, holding brushes, in the paradoxical act of painting one another into existence with broad strokes.



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Since you claim that this is non-partisan, I was honestly wondering … what is CAUSING this crisis?

I could see this crisis happening if there were suddenly some disaster in some country in Central America causing a bunch of refugees. I have heard NOTHING in the news like that.

What I suspect happened is that Obama wanted “amnesty.” Word of this spread, so it became a “swim the Rio Grande before the deadline to win free citizenship” contest. This is what I think is causing the current crisis. While I have to firm proof for this, it is the only thing that makes sense, and I will continue to believe this until somebody comes up with a better explanation.

If anybody does have a better explanation, I would love to hear it.


Rand Paul on why he stops mid-burger.

Because there’s such a big market in the US for news reports about Central American countries…anyway, here you go:


It seems that Rand was afraid of getting hangry.

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If I were having lunch with a politician, I’d also be looking for the first excuse to bolt.

Suuuure he did.

Wouldn’t want to be caught using a bit of that privilege to call out bigotry, you might lose the bigot vote…

This was infuriating to watch. I like to imagine the asshole off screen saying “go home” was talking to King. Waddabunchadicks.


Thanks for the links – I only have time to skim it right now – no enough time for an in-depth read. I still find it interesting that these problems have been happening for a few years, and yet the explosion in immigration has been exponential.

This is a very difficult situation. Rather than letting thousands of children into the US without parents (who will raise these children?), it might be better to help their situation back at their home countries. But that also presents problems. Personally, I would rather the US become a little more like Switzerland and get less involved in the business of other countries. We certainly do not have the right to send drones into another country and target gangs. I am not sure that there is any good answer in a situation like this.


But where’s the profit in that? :slight_smile:

And I think the rest of the world would say they’d like the US to be less involved too (whether they’d keep saying that when they needed something is a different matter).

One thing Ron Paul did consistently during the Primary debates was make most of his rivals look clueless on foreign policy (honourable exception for Jon Huntsman, who really should have been the candidate). An isolationist policy isn’t the best thing you could have, but it’s certainly better than actively making things worse.


The DREAM Act doesn’t affect the kids who are crossing the border right now. There’s a very specific set of guidelines for those kids. It requires having been brought here as a child, and being here for some time - not just simply arriving in the country under age 18. People in other countries do know that.

Amnesty has existed in the U.S. for people seeking it as illegal immigrants since 1986 - when it was passed under (drum roll please) Ronald Reagan.

The ones who are crossing are doing it hoping to stay under amnesty laws passed while Reagan was in office or (drum roll please) while Bush was president. It was “Hagel-Martinez Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation” passed in 2006 that actually “opened the floodgates” to people entering the U.S. because it allowed people to join family members already living within the U.S. Here are two discussions on that bill. The first talks about money provided to step up border protection. The second discusses the number of increased people that bill allowed to pass into the U.S.

So it isn’t the DREAM Act that’s causing all the problems. That’s a red herring, and people trying to blame the guy who’s currently in office.

Things have changed since those other laws were passed. Our own economy has gotten poorer since 2006 and that means we don’t have extra jobs to support any growing population, our government has grown contrary within itself and that means they can’t agree to make new law, and outside of America the world economy has also grown worse - and that has increased violence meaning more people are validly seeking asylum under the 1986 U.S. asylum rules.

An attempt was made to streamline the process of incoming interviews with teens to see if they really met asylum standards, or could simply be sent back across the border, but no one could agree in Congress.

The people sending their children here are doing so out of desperation, because they’re watching people die and don’t want them dead. That is your better explanation.


I guess you read a different post where Xeni mentioned Obama or Democrats somewhere?


After realizing the terms Democrat and Republican have less meaning than other four letter words, I’ve started to read them as a more descriptive non-partisan fuck. For example, “Fuckers are caricatures of people. I can’t believe that anyone thinks it’s a good idea to vote for them.” “Wow. I mean I could attempt to contrast Rand Paul’s (Fuck) record on standing up to state surveillance abuses, sentencing reforms, etc. with those of the president (Fuck)…” “I am NOT on the side of the idiots in this video. I am also not on the side of people who want to pretend this is a partisan Fuck v Fuck issue. Shame on you, Xeni.” “Note to my fellow fuckers: You cannot stealth open borders” “While she did mention that Paul and King are Fuckers”… I myself have voted for fuckers, fuckers, and fuckers. Maybe I’ll inspire someone more motivated to make an equally sophomoric plugin.

ducks for cover from annoyed flying dragons