Scorecard for Obama's NSA reforms




If the over/under was 0.5, I’d take the under.


I predict minimal scores. This is Obama, who betrayed every position he held as a senator on these issues.

No way will he actually do anything meaningful.


I am going to Hope for the best on this one.


Law of headlines asking questions wins again (‘No’).

Even if he does say something that sounds like he’s getting tough, it will just end up like his Big Plan on transferring drone killings from the CIA to the DoD… going absolutely nowhere.


Just saw this, Bruce Schneier has an interesting post on his blog. Apparently he briefed some members of Congress today:

Its surreal and the implications are truly frightening.


As a Foreigner, at least, to people in the US, I suppose, I’ve got to give the EFF props on one particular point above the others - they’re literally the first American Organization, or even just American anything, giving a single shit about the NSA violating the privacy of non-Americans. It was always met with an “It’s not your issue, it’s ours” or even worse, “Yeah, but it’s okay to spy on you, because everybody spies on everybody else, we just don’t want them spying on US.”

Which is funny, because I don’t recall the bill of rights being phrased as “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, unless you’re not American, in which case you can fuck right off.”


I think it’s implied.


I’d expect a better score on bullshit bingo. Mildly disappointed there isn’t already one linked in the comments.


Judging by the people I heard respond as I mentioned, I’d say that you’re not alone in thinking so, just alone in the part where you’re joking.


As for the first item on the list it’s an easy answer for him. It is unconstitutional.

Look up “The trial, first scene” on youtube. That is what this will end with if we don’t start talking about the rights of free human beings and our rights as citizens.


I expect the appearance of reform,.


For some reason, your post got a wire crossed with pokemon in my mind:

A Wild REFORM appeared.
Obama used equivocation. It’s Super Effective!
Wild REFORM ran away.


Not sure I’m joking, I imagine this is someone’s interpretation/opinion right now on the Supreme Court.


Surprisingly not. I’ve been told multiple times by various people whose business it is to know(mostly immigration lawyers, but not exclusively), if you’re a foreign citizen within US borders, or if a US official is dealing with you in some fashion, then you are afforded practically the same protections and privileges afforded to a US citizen as enumerated in the bill of rights in your dealings either within the US or with US officials, in most circumstances. At least to the best of my knowledge and memory.


NSA Reform Drinking Game! Skull your beer whenever you tick a box! Drive home stone cold fucking sober!


Short answer to “Will Obama hit the mark for real NSA reform?” :

Anyone who seriously expects him to start giving a shit about relinquishing power and respecting the law/Constitution at this point in the game is either completey delusional or happy to be finally out of that coma.


True. Any person within US borders is afforded the rights granted by the Bill of Rights.





I was expecting to play the other side of the NSA Reform Drinking Game - Any time Obama says he’s going to “reform” some piece of it in a way that obviously isn’t going to reduce actual NSA eavesdropping and abuses, you take a drink.

You do have to play that side at home on your couch, though, because you’re not driving anywhere after drinking that much.