HOWTO reform the NSA


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You can’t reform a scorpion.

Is it me or did the entire US government just fall off the rails. I know congress is on break but it’s seems like leadership just took a walk. Other than one trust crushing revelation after another the leaders are silent.

Seems like the spooks are working overtime.


Step 1: disassemble.


They’re not silent at all; you’re just not listening. The Congress has been hard at work repealing Obamacare again and again and again, and passing horrific legislation they know full well has no hope of passing the Senate. Oh, and denouncing the Marxist Kenyan pro-terror President.

It’s only the left that has been sitting there with that deer-in-the-headlights look.


What I also find relieving is that the idea of American exceptionalism is dead. This government is no different than any other government, they spy on everyone and jail people that reveal government crimes. We should hold this government in the same regard as China or Iran.


The first and best step in reforming the NSA , (No Such Agency), is to completely dismantle and kill it. Burn it with fire. Then start over and try to get it right.

HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! Like that is gonna happen. Come on asteroid!

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Perhaps a more viable solution: Do a complete end-around and combine Valve, Mondragon, The Venus Project, a few TED talks, and Citizen’s United.

Turn employment into citizenship in the most powerful legal construct we have, hire everybody, make part of the purpose raising better people and give the innocent all the advantages.

80 years later, we’re aged out, they’ve taken over and are making better decisions. Our disease is our reset button. The answer’s jumping up and down and waving at us. It’s not QUITE that simple, but it doesn’t take much digging before you’ve got a lot more solutions than you’ve got problems, especially if we take our monkeyspheres into account.

drops mic


While it would be completely amazing that we could get rid of the NSA, it isn’t realistic, and not all Americans would want that (since not all Americans are left-leaning like yourself or others here.) So, it’s best to just reform the NSA by setting some ground rules on what can and cannot be mined/listened to.

File this under ‘Not A Realistic Idea/Ain’t Gonna Happen’.

Slavery and segregation were abolished. If you start from the position that conditions can’t change condition will not change. Never hamstring yourself. We can change everything. That’s what people in power fear the most.


You never know till you try.


Very agreed. They’re all just our constructs and they’re made of people.

There were some positive steps made in the creation of our government, but you’ve got to look at results, and currently the results are far worse than what we’d get from selecting random toddlers for our various political offices.

That’s really not a terribly high bar.

Here is the big thing to keep in mind, if you start from the position of comprises you are playing right into their hand. We fight for our interest first and foremost. Their interests do not count.

The BIG LIE is that Obama was the candidate of change. He is not even the president of the status quo. He’s the president of horribly worse.

What are we doing compromising with criminals. The guys at the NSA and others are criminals. The government is required to put them in jail not to mention strip them of all their power. General Alexander needs to lose all his clearance yesterday.

Ahh, but don’t dehumanize them. They’re people too, and often their greatest crime is that they’re the most adaptable. Some of those people may be great artists and caretakers and entertainers,all of them have the potential to be wonderful human beings.

Any real solution admits that we’re all broken toys, the context of the world we’re in creates some horrifying reactions, but the moment we seek to punish rather than rehabilitate is the moment we’re back to being part of the problem.

They should get a fair trial.

Since each of those proposals seems quite reasonable, there seems little chance that any of them will actually be adopted.
Do I sound a bit cynical? Must be something stuck in my craw.

btw - I hate the crap new icon that has attached itself to me, but I have no desire to sign up for yet another service just to choose the one I’ve always used.

Or they should just not have power or influence over other people and be encouraged to live productive, happy lives, just like EVERY OTHER PERSON. We really need to treat everybody like people, even the ones we don’t like.

It doesn’t mean you have to ever see them or know about them again, but we need to stop wishing ill on others, that’s a poison and part of the problem. It blinds us to the creative solutions that can work.

For perspective, understand the US/NSA has outdone China’s surveillance system. The US is #1 in population surveillance.