NSA leak: US can spy on Americans, despite direct statements of President, Congress, top spooks


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These statements appear to be outright lies, as revealed by these revelations, and make me wonder if there are Hill rats looking up the procedures for impeachment at this very moment.

Anybody close to power who might care about this already looked up those procedures long ago, I think.

Well, at least this time it won’t be about a blowjob.

I can just imagine a conversation between Rumsfeld and Cheney:
“We don’t know WHO is a terrorist, so the only way to catch all possibilities of terrorism is to treat EVERYONE
as a suspected terrorist.”

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While Obama needs to answer for this shit, we are fooling ourselves to think he is fully to blame here. This rot goes far deeper than any single party or branch.

When we were outraged by Total Information Awareness and it got “Canceled” it just went underground and morphed into something else.


They had that stuff on speed dial.

See, the thing is, anyone wanting to get Obama impeached also wants to keep spying on Americans. So don’t count on this happening and hope that there is an unfortunate sexual encounter in Obama’s future.


I’d be content with defunding the NSA in its entirety and burning all their facilities to the ground.

And since I’m talking about things that will never ever happen, I’d like the same to happen to the TSA, DHS and CIA. FBI can stick around in a diminished capacity because they do a few useful things. Oh, and piss off, DEA. Plus I want a pony.


Yes impeach.
Yes dismantle the machine and the NSA who built it.

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The whole problem started when the NSA realised that they were having to deal with more data than they could possibly analyse. So one of their esoteric computing projects at a private think-tank came up with M.O.D.O.S. - the Mental Organism Designed Only for Surveillance - not realising that their own secrets would end up getting surveilled allowing M.O.D.O.S. to take over.

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Cory you hit the nail on the head with this comment: “As a foreigner in the UK (and thus liable to total, open, uncontroversial NSA surveillance)”

It’s a bit much the way Americans get their shorts in a knot when they think their government is spying on them but have no problem with the NSA spying on innocent people in the rest of the world.


I agree to an extent, although being spied on by your own government is actually a lot more threatening than being spied on by a foreign government. Your government are the ones who have by far the most power over you.


Guess the nefarious among us will just have to go back to posting secretly encrypted jpg files on eBay, craigslist, and the like. Oh wait. That’s what they’ve always done & will always do. That and the sneaker net, running files by hand back and forth. I see all of this snooping catching more insider traders & illicit love affairs than professional spooks.

and before that, during Clinton times, it was called “Carnivore”

Can I please, humbly, use BB comments to suggest something? I’ve never had an interest in anything going ‘viral’ but while reading the Guardian article the song “Suspicious Minds” popped into my head. I think it would be swell if the Mark James/Elvis song would become the rallying cry/theme song for the de-surveilling of America. The lyrics seem perfect. Think of it as if you are singing the song to (a once) beloved America.

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make me wonder if there are Hill rats looking up the procedures for
impeachment at this very moment

doesn’t matter.

there is nowhere near a majority in the House or Senate for impeachment on this stuff. most Congresspeople are just fine with it.

There’s nothing to see here Citizens! Move along! Just another phony scandal… keep the line moving slaves!

If Wyden had any balls at all, he’d tell us exactly what he has been “obliquely warn[ing]” us all about on the floor of the Senate, where he’d have immunity from prosecution for anything he said.

If you think this is a phony scandal, you’re not paying attention.

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Hill rats

Bad choice of labeling. You should be supportive of impeachment and not discourage it. There is plenty of room for impeachment too. Obama did, after all, murder multiple American citizens without trial.

When do you need a majority in Congress to bring up impeachment? I’d like to see one member take the podium and discuss it with Congress and our nation.

…the times we find ourselves in…