NSA chiefs confiding in their allies: Obama is hanging us out to dry


“Do you love me?”


“Do you tell all your friends that you love me?”

"Sure, I tell them all the time."

“Sometimes I think your friends don’t approve of me.”

"Sure they like you, they just don’t know you like I do."

“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Your’re ashamed to be seen with me, aren’t you? YOU ASSHOLE.”


Let me get out my tiny violin.


Well, If they’re feeling unappreciated, they’re certainly all welcome to quit.


I’d send every Waaambulance in town; but I’m pretty sure that most of the EmoMTs aren’t cleared to Secret or above. Sorry about that.

Seriously, what is it with total scumweasels and their raging entitlement issues. The guy is 100% untouchable, legally (if his torture-dungeon buddies in the CIA are free and clear because Mr. Prez prefers to ‘look forward, not backward’ a mere peeping tom is surely safe) and he’s whining in public because he doesn’t have impunity and hagiography? W.T.F.


Not sure which fills me with greater fear for the incompetence of those in charge (and those reporting on those in charge):

angry and dispirited by what they see as the White House’s failure to defend the spy agency against criticism of its surveillance programs, according to four people familiar with the NSA chiefs’ thinking.


Stewart Baker, the NSA’s former general counsel, said he had not discussed the administration’s response to the NSA scandal with officials in government, but that it was the “general perception” that it had been weak. “The President is uncomfortable defending this. Maybe he spends too much time reading blogs on the left," Baker said. "That’s fatal in cases like this. You have to make the case because nobody else will.”

Grow up, you pathetic losers.


Looks like a picture of sanity. The Clozapine gleam in the eye says it all. We are safe. Safe as houses.


No sympathy here. Those chiefs chose to hang themselves and their agencies with the rope they were given.

Maybe they will learn something about wielding power graciously, but I doubt it. Given the chance, those ambitious twits will keep doing as they have been, but with more aggressive plumbing to control the leaks.


So. . . it’s not about whether what they are doing is right or wrong, it’s about whether a President elected to serve the people “has their back”?

Now, whether he does or not is another question, but the President is supposed to have ALL our backs– is the NSA more important than the entire population of the USA?


“He grows on you” is code for “He’s an asshole, all the time, but you eventually get used to it.”


Oh, boo fucking hoo. If you’re seriously claiming that you can’t do your job at all without engaging in regular, systematic, routine violations of the Constitution, then there are only two possibilities:

  1. Your job is inherently damaging to a free society, and should be summarily eliminated, or
  2. You completely suck at doing your job, and want to be allowed to violate basic human rights in order to make your own life easier.
    In either case, you can eat a bag of steaming hot dicks.

This is a baffling perspective to me. Domestic spying, especially without proper judicial oversight, goes against the founding principles of a democratic society. “Hey, tell these people how to feel about this”? Do you HEAR yourselves? The government does not tell the people what to think, the people tell the government how to act.


In the same vein, there have been a number of articles, unbelievable in their self-pitying tone, from assorted CIA types who ended up being charged over the as-sloppy-as-it-was-illegal-and-likely-to-piss-off-an-American-ally Italian abduction/rendition/torture case. Oh, cry me a fucking river. You were part of an operation to have a guy bagged and dragged and sent off for torture, and now you’re the victim because Langley isn’t providing you with a medal, a cookie, and a warm comforting sense of impunity (and these were all written by people who had never spent a day in jail; but who were butthurt because travel to certain non-US jurisdictions might now be unsafe for them…)


They’re not in jail for acting illegally and lying to everyone including Congress. What more do they want?

Maybe he spends too much time reading blogs on the left," Baker said. "That's fatal in cases like this.

It’s true, you know, if you read the HuffPo you’ll just drop dead right on the desktop. Even semi-lefty blogs like bOINGbOING are driving up the cost of health care, because reading posts like this can make you sick to your stomach.


“spends too much time reading blogs on the left,” so… right leaning people want to be monitored 24/7? Or is it just a view that right wing people feel the military can do no wrong so, it must be 100% pressure from the left?

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