New Snowden NSA revelations in Der Spiegel: 'How America Spies on Europe and the UN'


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President Obama has promised America that the NSA’s spying is solely aimed at preventing terrorist attacks, but this latest revelation would seem to indicate otherwise.

Fuel for impeachment talk?

I hope so.

And then what? Do you think the spying will suddenly disappear under Biden or anyone else?
I think that something more has to happen to the entire NSA program and not just to the POTUS. People all over the political spectrum are making money off of terrorism fear.

Would it be too much to suspect that this is what the Terrorists really wanted to begin with? I mean a few things haven’t changed in how government responds, even though we have plenty of history to learn from.

One thing definitely occurs to me; Remember when Roosevelt said ‘The only thing we have to Fear is Fear itself’? How about ‘The only thing we have to Hope is Hope itself’. Things don’t change by hoping…

Impeachmeant? For what?

I’m certain that there are Americans think that this is disgraceful behavior, but my general impression is that most don’t give a rat’s ass. They don’t seem to care much about themselves (which is kinda understandable, because they never suffered a surveillance state) and with regards to Russia and China: Quod licet jovi non licet bovi.

And I can’t get to riled up either, because our mainstream political parties - including the Green - are more or less in cohort.

International realpolitik aside, it’d be nice if the president would put his foot down and just say ‘stop, this isn’t who we are’, deal with the fallout (and yes, lets’ not argue about any Zinn-esque ‘here’s what actually happened’ malfeasance).

That said, the impotence shown thus far in the face of the NSA, GITMO and other topics doesn’t have me holding my breath.

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I can’t say that I’m shocked to learn that an espionage agency is engaged in espionage. When Obama said that NSA was only acting to prevent terrorism he was specifically referring to surveillance of Americans. What’s described in the linked Der Speigel article is exactly what NSA was originally chartered to do [warning: link goes to NSA website]:

The COMINT mission of the National Security Agency (NSA) shall be to
provide an effective, unified organization and control of the
communications intelligence activities of the United States conducted
against foreign governments, to provide for integrated operational
policies and procedures pertaining thereto.

If the Right can get enough momentum to impeach a President for a blow-job and lying to the American people then they can definitely get it for this…

No, this Congress can’t find its collective ass with all 870 hands. They’ve been dying to impeach Obama for years for being a Marxist Atheist Muslim Nazi from Kenya. They certainly can’t impeach him for programs started under Bush - for that to happen, they would have to acknowledge there was a President Bush. Even if they could, the Senate would never convict - they just love them some NSA.

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For things you do to foreigners?


Thanks for the laugh, I needed that.

What a totally unproductive response…

Well see, it’s the Americans’ part be productive and to do really something about this, instead of congratulating themselves that any day now they will rise to the grandeur of the war of independence or the civil rights movement.

But the last ten years have shown me that you guys don’t really care.

Yes, some small advancements in the realm of equal rights for gays, but not even in the front.

Your soldiers torture and commit war crimes, your officials use vocabulary literally out of the SS handbook and practically right from the ministry of truth and what makes headlines?

Miley Cyrus shaking her ass suggestively.

As if it were 1956 and Elvis shook his pelvis.

That’s why Clinton good flak for a blow job and not Bush jr for invading Iraq under false pretenses.

I fear, that as long as there are no drone strikes on Americans by Americans in America this will not change in the foreseeable future.


MUCH better! :wink:

Mind you, the only part I don’t like is the ‘You guys’ part. I’m pretty active in trying to change things in our government, but it’s a rare occasion that We the People get to change things. I do feel We have more power than We give ourselves credit for, but I mean can you name anything in your Nation that you can personally take credit for in regards to change goor or ill? I can’t and wouldn’t shoulder that on you individually…

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