Docs leaked by Snowden show NSA spied on Al Jazeera


Wouldn’t it be easier to just list who the NSA *has not *spied on? It seems real obvious that they’ve done anything and everything they could think of. The sonogram’s of unborn babies have probably been checked out. Nothing is sacred.


I am unsurprised by this “revelation,” yo.

You can’t be serious !! THEY spied on an arabic network !! WHAT ! impossible !

next thing you will say they spy on Russia !!


Actually that is a brilliant idea. Companies who have not been served natl security letters should announce every month that they have NOT gotten a letter. As soon as they stop weighing in, we will know they got served.


They’re based in Qatar, which is supposed to be a US ally. It’s the equivalent of them spying on the BBC, CBC, or ABC (the Australian ABC, not the Disney one).


You really think they have not spied on them as well?


It’s called a Warrant canary.


Nah, it’s cool. Think about it - most of us don’t want to be in Syria anyway. And as long as this kind of 411 keeps hitting the headlines, Obama stands just about zero chance of getting anybody else to jump in with his plans. Who knows? Maybe, he’ll finally figure out just how pissed we are about the whole NSA thing. Maybe, he’ll have to take the Syria matter up at the U.N. WHERE IT BELONGS - DUH! And maybe, he’ll get just a little twang telling him that his days of unbridled popularity are well into the dumper with us AND the rest of the world. Time to sit down and stfu, Barack. Couldn’t happen to a more worthy guy.

I think…I don’t like that it happened, but if it could all be used for a greater good, this would sure do it!

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It’s a fairly safe bet that they do that too.

It’d be difficult for this to be less surprising.

Oh, probably. But it’s easy for people to dismiss spying on Al Jazeera because the other news channels have done their best to make sure the general public thinks of them as being owned by (or at least the mouthpiece of) Al Qaeda instead of a legitimate news source.

For a brief moment the city of Obama in Western Japan was enamored of him but besides that, as far as I can tell no one in Asia has really taken him seriously from the beginning.

So basically doing what they were supposed to do?


Get over it people. Just today we learn that the DEA has been collecting many, many times the amount of metadata the NSA has, and storing it permanently. Oh, and locations! You know what the big-brother agency rule is; location location location!

So please adjust your news coverage appropriately.

Well, at least merely spying on them is at least a step up from deliberately…er, OOPs {heh, heh}, I meant accidentally bombing them in Iraq.

That would be easier. Here’s my guess at the list:

Ah, so here we are already at the ‘yawn, of course they spy on everyone’ stage. Next is ‘why are we still talking about this, I am hip and do not appear so unless the issue is actually breaking this instant’.

Meanwhile, your democracy continues to crumble. Being smug and cool will not be insulation against oppression.

“Spied” implies that the NSA has stopped.

reports are usually about the past and not the present or even the future