Update on WikiLeaks grand jury: no indictment yet, but grand jury continues


Indictment will occur 10min after he lands in Sweden?

If Assange came to the U.S. today, he would not be arrested.

I can’t figure out why the government doesn’t get. They lost. They lost everything. They are the bad guys and everyone knows it. This Mickey Mouse government doesn’t have a single shred of credibility.

All I want to know is when do we start to shutdown the bad parts?

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If you’re talking about the U.S. government, and more specifically about the NSA, then that’s the issue, isn’t it? The “bad part(s)” is(are) so pervasive that there are likely no parts of our government, let alone communication, that are unaffected by this. The tendrils of this monstrosity have been allowed to delve so deeply that I don’t reasonably believe that it can be dismantled without a true uprising of the people. Unfortunately, most of us in this country are far too stupid and apathetic to affect true change, not to mention that any reasonably adept intelligence agency would be waging a massive misinformation campaign at this point in time. Resigned to my fate? Not quite yet. Disappointed in the way my country has mishandled their “stewardship” of the best thing created in the last 40 years? Absolutely.

You’re overthinking this. I could go on about corruption, treason, falling empires but why waste anyone’s time. If GM could fire Flint Michigan the same thing can happen to the NSA. When a boss fires an employee he doesn’t think about it he just gets rid them. It will be good for the budget. Everyone will be happy.

“Snowden was a person who swore an oath, an employee of the National Security Agency,” said a second senior U.S. official, drawing a line between Snowden’s legal obligations and responsibility, and someone like Assange.

incorrect. he had a security clearance. he worked outside of the nsa. maybe they are trying to find a way to prove that he impersonated a federal officer. sad.

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