The design expert - a classic comedy sketch of corporate meetings

Sigh… pie charts are very popular unfortunately, although they are almost always an inadequate visualisation tool. Basically anything that pie charts are used for can be expressed more clearly with a (stacked) bar chart.

Snark is the most forgiving way to talk about some of these meetings. It’s like the subject of design turns certain people into the worst imaginable kind of drooling idiot, incapable of forming a coherent thought coupled with unbelievable certainty and entitlement. I unironically went to university to study engineering after ten years in the design business just to not have to deal with these assholes anymore.

but in a less fun way


This is the trick. Never say “No”, just provide an estimate to actually do it. If that would require inventing a new form of Physics and altering the fundamental laws of nature, include that in the time and money estimate.

Then the project will get farmed out to a consulting firm who will promise to do it for half your estimate and it will no longer be your problem!

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