The design expert - a classic comedy sketch of corporate meetings


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Excuse me…I am having a PTSD moment.



The best thing about this video is that everyone is technically doing the what they should be doing as required by their role in the project.


I had to have this same meeting with a client that wanted a pie chart that could show positive and negative values.
“What exactly is stopping you from doing this?”


Reminds me of a comment I made to a colleague recently: “You sales people are great: ‘You say that you can not make the Pyramid of Cheops levitate but I am asking you how we can make the Pyramid of Cheops levitate’.”


This reminds me of a time some years ago when I was hired onto an existing project. The project was developing a non-Motif interface using the Motif toolkit. The result kept getting closer and closer to the spec but never quite achieved it. The customer knew something was wrong but couldn’t put their finger on it. The development firm didn’t recognize anything was wrong. I eventually quit because I didn’t want to keep fleecing the customer.


Euclidean geometry.


Yes, I feel the internet needs more designers snarking about their clients. Just so little of it to be found.


Who snarks the snarkers?


Holy fork! I literally had a meeting just like this last week (actually, I’ve had a ton of these meetings). However, with this one, I was actually reprimanded for ‘not going along with the program’. I pretty much just rolled my eyes. My attitude has gotten pretty jaded. Should probably really just move on at this point.


I had a job like this. It didn’t get better. I moved on. The next job didn’t get better or worse.

There is no solution. But I am an expert, so I can do anything. GIVE ME YOUR BALLOONS.


If you like this, you would like my favorite BBC comedy ever:

The whole series is available on Usenet, if you know how to search and create an .nzb file.


This is a 100% accurate example of a requirements gathering discussion. I know, because I’m an expert.


My favorite version of this (from personal experience) is a client requesting that their logo be 3" wide on a 1" wide column. “It can’t be bigger than the column, but absolutely has to be 3 inches wide”. I finally quoted them on holographic printing and they changed the spec.


Or this… Series 4 is just so-so, but solid gold in 1-3.


“Can I get that logo in cornflower blue?”


I’m thinking you won’t get an appointment to Trump’s cabinet.


“I’m sorry, but we wanted an abattoir, not a block of flats.”