The DHS is buying a new database to store biometrics for 500 million people


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Just ask Equifax to hold onto the info.




Please let it be Access…please let it be Access…




That, and this too


If companies I’ve worked at are any guide, it’s entirely possible someone will convince them Excel is a database.


That still pops at a max 2GB database size, right?

Just storing their names could be a problem.


OK but why is the DHS warehousing information on half a billion people?


Oh, I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about…


Building America’s Trust Act

Doesn’t it make your trust feel enormous?


Gotta Catch 'Em All





Because they haven’t completed the facilities to warehouse the people, yet?


Some of them, I assume, are good people.


240,000,000 records in a system designed to hold 200,000,000…

That’s not how computers work, is it? Out of memory, that’s okay, just use a shoehorn?


While I’ve ‘liked’ yr post, I must say that do use LibreOffice’s Calc as a primitive db. It works well for what I need.


If companies I’ve worked at are any guide, proper databases are fronted by impenetrable front ends, next-to-useless reporting tools and an extreme lack of any transparency, confidence or any actual use. Everyone just keeps their stuff in parallel in Excel where they can at least get to it and generate outputs and reports. (The ongoing fraud that is the provision of so-called Enterprise Management Systems is also unforgivable.)


Design and implement a database that normal humans would actually find useful. That would be a start.


Why do normals need databases? :wink:

They’re usually the ones who DON’T want things kept careful track of!