Half of all U.S. adults are in face-recognition databases, and Black people more likely to be targeted

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And, of course, this means that police will be arresting the wrong person less frequently, right?


The similarity between the faces – as determined by the FBI’s expert –
was based on little more than what one forensic scientist called
"voodoo witchcraft."

But next time around it will be algorithmic voodoo witchcraft.


I have been worried about this for years. How do I go about changing my password every six months?

I was going to joke about the machine being programmed by white software engineers and thus being unable to differentiate between black people, but apparently that’s accurate so the bit is ruined.


I swear to God if my twin brother ever decides to enter a life of crime…


only half? somehow that makes me feel like we’re such slackers.

That dazzle makeup seems less paranoid by the day. Can scarves come back into style yet?


Sure, but how does the average person access these databases? My main concern is not that such technologies exist and are used, but democratizing them.

#Headline Hyperbole

Unless all or most Black people are in the database, the 50% makes no sense.

Who are we kidding, they only way they’re gonna make it more equal is by putting the other 50% in the databases.

Better hope he has an Evil Goatee so you can have some plausible deniability.


My problem with this is gathering and maintaining evidence on people who are not suspected or accused of criminal activity using public money. What business do the police have with people who are law abiding citizens? Under what mandate are they doing this? Why are law abiding citizens being forced to pay for the police to keep a file on them?

Because the government feels like it.
Oh and “War on Terror.”

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