The Director of the MO Public Defender's office just ordered the Governor to represent an indigent client

As authorized by law, the director of the Missouri State Public Defender office just used his authority to appoint the state’s governor, Jay Nixon, as public defender counsel to an indigent. The director is authorized to appoint any member of the state bar to represent indigent defendants as a public defender; Jay Nixon is a member of the Missouri bar.


:laughing: Good work, Michael Barrett.


Whoa. That’s both sad and awesome?


Good. Bust that asshole down a peg. Make him eat his own poor choices in some small way. Too bad it won’t ruin him like his choices ruin the poor and disenfranchised.


Fuck yeah! SWEET!


It’s beautiful!


Can’t wait to see Nixon in jail for the inevitable contempt of court charge!


How I now picture Michael Barrett:

FTA: The DoJ, meanwhile, has cited Missouri for subjecting poor black children to a “systematic deprivation of their rights” due to insufficient funding for the public defender’s office.

  - umm, don’t just pay it lip service - FRIGGEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Or can’t the Feds intervene anymore if the state is violating your constitutional rights.


“Doing something” takes time away from concerned people’s ability to feed and clothe themselves. Be realistic, they’re doing all they can already. Source: am a consultant for many grumpy, underpaid, sleep-deprived PDs.

Yea, our economic priorities - by way of funding - are pretty whack.

ETA: but if one takes a job to do something when those who can’t do for themselves can’t, I kinda think that doing so should be ones top priority. Sorry.

Right. Great. Except there isn’t a PD in the entire country who can meet their case load right now. Not one. Not a single solitary office has enough money or staff to meet even 80% of their workload.

Soooooooo quit? And guarantee that 100% of cases don’t have adequate representation? Nah, they’re just gonna work themselves into an early grave and tell poor IT contractors about their sad lives while we try to unjam their ancient printers.

Honestly, do you have any ideas on how to address this that DON’T involve some sort of armed insurrection? Cause I’ve got nothing.


Please don’t get me wrong, I’m with you on this just from my interactions with LEO’s a bit more sacrifice and a bit less belly-aching would be welcome.

As for an insurrection… I guess we’ll find out come November :thumbsup:

That man is a Bad. FUCKING. Ass.

That is all.


Fair. My experience has put PDs virtue at the same level as rural lunch-ladies. YMMV.

Don’t hold yer breath, November’s still a long way off.

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Next, start appointing all his lawyer/campaign contributors.

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