After repeated budget cuts, Missouri's underfunded Public Defender drafts the Governor to work for him


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Sorry, Cory. @daneel scooped you.


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Missouri also has a law mandating that uncertified schools must be afforded education in a system of that school’s choice:

I am very impressed that Missouri’s past legislators thought to constrain the current rascals


Oh, I’m sure the Governor will wiggle out of it somehow.


Yep, and also find a way to punish the underfunded Public Defender who summoned him with the letter.


I understand the assumption, but the GOP tag doesn’t seem appropriate. The governor is a Democrat.




underfunded by a governor who can always find money for his pet projects.

Vote that moron out’a office!


Be tricky, he’s getting term-limited out.


It’s a miracle. Of Biblical proportions.


He’s already trying…


From that article:

Naming Nixon as a public defender is not the only attempt by Barrett to recover the money Nixon is withholding. The commission last month filed a lawsuit seeking to force Nixon to release the money. An initial hearing on that case is set for Monday.

Governor, defend thyself?


Nixon, a former attorney general, said he supports indigent criminals having legal representation, but that Barrett cannot appoint a private attorney without the consent of the attorney.

I think he can. In fact, I think he just did. I don’t see where the law requires consent at all.


I did a fist pump when I read this.


will he ask for a public defender?


As tempting as it is to be gleeful over this, as has been pointed out already, Nixon is a term-limited governor in his last year in office. If he just ignores this, I doubt anything will happen. He will likely be replaced by this lovely excuse for a human being.



Poetic justice at its finest