The disappearance of a once-famous 1920s child novelist



“Vanishing Act” is a good read, but if you want a longer version of my aunt Barbara’s story, check this piece I wrote for her 100th birthday last March 4th. Also my website, Farksolia. I’ll soon be publishing a big book of her letters and some other items.


Why is this book not in print?

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What a helpful critic…

Barbara needed to be outside playing with children her own age, Moore declared—and to grow up unburdened by early fame.

…to criticize somebody’s childhood after it’s pretty much too late to be anything other than cruelty.

I thought the same, but browsing @Stefan_Cooke 's website, there’s a link to This Site which has various formats of The House Without Windows for free download.

It’s going on my reading list…

The father ditching his family is classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The child prodigy that vanishes is very common. Often they missed on developing work habits, persistence, and emotional resiliency because everything came too easily.

Trust me, those characteristics are the polar opposite to Barbara’s.

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