The dystopian First Contact/alien abduction sf story hidden in the Thanksgiving tale


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Privilege means never having to reflect on exactly how devastating colonization was for other cultures.


This is chilling, and very well thought out. It reminds me of 1491.


weird, I found a thing yesterday following this premise except using it to explain colonial India. except–get this–it was written from the perspective of what turned out to be Ghandi’s dad and was sympathetic to the British! Because he sent his son to be educated in England, that was the justification. it had me at first with the analogy of alien invasion, but then I was like whaaaaa???


I, for one, welcome our new Puritan overlords.


It’s more like being constantly reminded of that at every turn.

“Happy Thanksgiving!”
“RAR, DON’T YOU KNOW [patronizing lecture about colonialism and genocide…]”


If this annoys you, then I suppose the message hasn’t quite sunk in yet.


Fine, have a shitty Thanksgiving. Rend thine garments, cover thyself in sackcloth and ashes, and reflect on the sins of your ancestors, which shall stain your soul and the souls of your children and their children and theirs, forever and ever, amen. I’ll be over here enjoying dinner.

(Will you take some of these leftovers?)

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