The entire Animorphs book series is now available for free online

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About 7 years too late for my daughter… Although we never did find out how the whole series ends…

I’m thinking these are not official Scholastic or even author releases, but scanned & cleaned versions by that forum’s members.



IIRC, they summon Elminster from Forgotten Realms to erase the Yeerks from existence?
Also something about robots.

A quick PowerShell script to download them all if you are so inclined, obviously replace the OutFile path (unless your name is David too)

curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\01.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\02.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\03.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\04.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\05.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\06.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\07.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\08.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\09.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\10.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\11.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\12.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\13.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\14.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\15.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\16.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\17.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\18.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\19.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\20.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\21.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\22.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\23.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\24.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\25.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\26.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\27.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\28.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\29.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\30.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\31.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\32.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\33.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\34.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\35.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\36.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\37.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\38.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\39.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\40.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\41.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\42.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\43.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\44.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\45.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\46.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\47.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\48.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\49.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\50.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\51.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\52.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\53.epub
curl -OutFile C:\Users\david\Downloads\54.epub

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I started the series as a kid and really loved them. A couple of years ago, my friend told me he had the whole series (including the companion books that gave you some more insight to the various aliens in the Animorphs universe) in his garage. I was so happy to finally finish the story and have to say that I really enjoyed the series. The Hork-Bajir Chronicals were one of my favorites, as was reading about the Taxxon homeworld. Truly horrifying stuff going on with Taxxons. Each book took me two to three hours to read and I think it a good time investment.

I’m thinking these weren’t legit offerings. The page is now blank, and the file URLs from the powershell downloads post lead to a 404. I suspect someone very hastily pulled them down in order to avoid copyright lawsuits.

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