The evolution of the Star Wars Stormtrooper


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yeah, the original costume is harder to render in CGI


It looks like something that has been through intensive Value Engineering & cost cutting. Less material, fewer features.


New stronger alloys?


While watching this, all I can hear is Darth Vader breathing.


Clone Troopers were not useless in battle.

Citation needed


That’s what the marketing department said.



The original actually looks more menacing.


I like this gif because i sync me breathing to it and I calm down. Inhale on storm trooper, exhale on first order. Repeat


The newer version looks more functional


Aaaah! STOP. MOVING!!!


8% lower moment of inertia, 12% larger viewing ports,and the new filter system’s 130% efficiency gain allowed simplification down to a single filter.

As an added bonus the new design has tested at 4% less menacing, helping improve occupied planets’ acceptance of First Order presence over Galactic Empire control


Filters still barely work.


What’s a prequel? Never heard of this movie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Clone Wars and Rebels are the best Star Wars story telling and character development I’ve seen/read/heard.

Clone Troopers are some of the best characters. CT-5555 or “Fives” story line is great.


My memory may be incorrect, but I seem to recall that the costumer who came up with the original stormtrooper designs had a side business selling copies to fans and cosplay folks, was sued for some sort of IP infringement, but eventually prevailed.

My theory on the redesign is that Disney wanted to be certain they unquestionably owned all the rights, so they had a new version designed and all properly registered well before release of the newer movies.


Yeah but they’re just meant to filter smoke, not toxins.


My favorite thing about the focus on the Clone characters’ development, (beyond the characters themselves,) is that Dee Bradley Baker voiced almost every line of dialogue for some of those Clone Wars episodes.