The Fabric of the Human Body: Spectacular edition of foundational 16th C anatomy text, 20 years in the making


Alas, until the price comes down by at least an order of magnitude I can’t justify owning a copy… Even granting textbook pricing practices.

Before clicking the link I was thinking “geez…doesn’t he know that a good quality facsimile doesn’t come cheap? Expect to pay $150-$200” – then I did click and saw exactly what you mean – being $150-$200 would be coming down by a order of magnitude!

While I understand a great deal of work has gone into the translation and annotation, the price? Seriously? $1650?

Now, in the past, books of this nature certainly would have a small audience, and so pricing them high was the only way to recoup the time and expense. Today? With BOINGBOING readers along, if this were priced, even as high as $250, the increase in sales would make up for the reduced margin.

I had IMMEDIATELY gone to look at this as a superb gift but…at that price? I’ll just look at the Amazon page longingly.

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Is is printed on human skin?


Those skeletons look exactly the same as they do today! So much for Evolution, amirite?


Not printed–tattooed.

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