The FBI targeted MAD magazine in 1957

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It was probably actually about MAD’s tendency to reveal our espionage tactics…


So. The question is. Did it work?
It would be interesting to see the next time they used Hoover’s name, if ever.
Did they stop poking the FBI, or just Hoover?

Then it might be interesting to see what level of investigation the FBI used on the Mad Editors prior to and following the incident.

“I"m Alfred E. Neuman and I’d like to see my FBI file.”

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And our encryption methods:


They should have did a Hoover joke fold-in right after sending the letter.


Mad magizine inititated my evenatubal descant into debouchery degredation delinkwasie and despaire.
May they rote in Hel

Praise the Lord


Not surprising at all considering the hate EC Comics got from the government when the Comics Code Authority was established.

You must forgive them for the apology. It was a different time back then.

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