Social-engineering the FBI in 1971


That. Is. Beautiful. Robert Anton Wilson would be proud.


How do you get 30 Canadians FBI Agents out of the swimming pool?

You say: “Can you all please get out of the swimming pool?”


Is this the same sort of error as leaving the launch codes for your nuclear weapons noted down in plain sight as 00000000?

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That is brilliant. Though the pedant in me wants to correct “unpickable lock” in the post - that implies that NOBODY could have picked it, when really, it was just that none of them knew how to pick it.

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I picked up this book, and it’s fascinating. It’s about the FBI, touching on the CIA, and all the evils they committed in the name of “political dissidents”, which they then renamed “Terrorists”- in the '70s. It now seems like the illegal wiretapping and dossiers on citizens has now been punted off entirely to the NSA- and we’re too busy fighting about healthcare to even give a damn.

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