The FEEL FLUX grants the sense of slowing down time

What I meant is that you maximize the contact surface between yourself and the elevator floor, spreading the force as you decelerate over a bigger area. Just having the spine lying horizontally means you won’t get undue compression force crushing it.

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This phenomena of eddy currents can be used in vehicle brakes as well.
And I’ve just discovered that this is how an electricity metre with a rotating disk works.

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I suspect a broken/crushed spine would be the least of your worries. Lying on the ground maximizes the deceleration of your organs, including your brain. That squishy stuff is going to slosh around like jelly in a blender.

Let me save everybody some money. This is a century old physics demonstration of Lenz’s Law.

Copper pipe from the hardware store and a neodymium magnet that fits or even a cow magnet from the feed store do the exact same thing.

For even more fun, wrap some of this:

around the pipe and watch the magnet pass through.


What happened at the end? Phase change to non-magnetic or something?

That’s what the comments seem to suggest, yes.

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