The Financial Times's 404 page is an ingenious, hilarious introduction to major concepts in economic theory

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But, where do I pick up my check?

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Late Stage Capitalism
We fired the writer and sold the bandwidth.


We sold the writer and leased him back for a fraction of the cost of having him full time, then gave huge unexplained bonuses to everyone in the C-suite.


Love it, great examples! Would be helpful to all those students struggling to grok economics.

I think they’re short of a 404 for current Chinese realpolitik, if I may call it that. I’m going to sleep on that…


This explanation seems most realistic. Are they trying to tell us something?

Classical economics
There is no such page. We are not going to interfere.

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If you were to get the page you wanted you might get a better page than someone else, which would be unfair. This way at least everyone gets the same.

That’s not socialism, that’s more like utopian egalitarianism.

Socialism would involve the writers owning the means of page production (the servers and presses) in some way. I can’t think of a good explanation though.


This page has been blocked because it is reactionary foreign propaganda. Read patriotic Chinese news media to raise your ideological level and support the development of the national information technology economy. Study earnestly Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.


We are are now using Uberwriters but your city does not allow Uberwriters. Please write to your representative!


No surprise that the Financial Times got socialism wrong.


part of the flavor of Chinese economic policy is reflected in

The page is hosted by a foreign web server and is therefore banned to ensure the supremacy of our own software.


Now it’s unavailable? The 404 page has been …? I offer that the publisher’s were unaware of this content until it was highlighted by this post, and have had it removed? Tragedy of the Commons…?

This page has been blocked because it is Fake News. Read patriotic twits to raise your ideological level and support the development of the national coal economy. Study earnestly Trump Thought on Fascism with American Characteristics for an Era of Renewed Plutocracy.


This page has been blocked because it is reactionary foreign propaganda.
Trying to view this page questions your loyalty and dedication to the party and the people.
Report at your local party office for reorientation at once.

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I kicked something off, didn’t I?

We need to be aware of language barriers, though. I piped your version through the Altavista babelfish, which still exists on a German domain. First translated to German, of course. From there to Japanese, because why not, and historical connections during WW2. To Korean, to improve Korean-Japanese relations. To Vietnamese, since they were also in a war with the US, like Korea. To French, since the French left a colonial impact. To Spanish, since it’s also a romanic language.
Then I remembered I wanted a Chinese version, and the babelfish came up with this:

這個白痴是外國的宣傳,因為這個網站被封鎖了。 這個頁面是獻給黨和懷疑和誠意的人

Close enough, I think.

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