The finished sequel to Scoob! will apparently never see the light of day

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Soooo, someone will leak it to youtube?


I have a hard time imagining exactly how soul-killing it would be to try to finish a project that you already know won’t be seen, because somebody has determined it will be more lucrative to bury.

I likewise find it difficult to imagine that a home stretch like that would be anyone’s best work.


That’s heartbreaking for everyone involved in production, I’m sure.

Selfishly, I want someone to leak this movie ASAP. My kids love Scoob! We watched it together for a family movie night when it was released, and for months following that they would repeatedly ask to watch it again. A sequel would be a movie they’d actually be excited to see in the theater.


Manager, “Okay, folks, this movie will never see the light of day, but we’ve got a deadline to hit; CRUNCH TIME!”

Hollywood Accounting, eh?

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Hopefully after first tying up the executives and pulling off their rubber masks.


I feel like this has to be a form of tax fraud… like if you write off something with the excuse that you spent a ton of money on something and that it’s unprofitable, but literally it would cost next to nothing to release (because they literally finished it), so it would be garaunteed to make at least some money (even if you figure in the expenses of production, those are already spent so an unprofitable movie release would still be more money than an unreleased/shelved movie)
I’m trying to think of a real world equivalent… maybe this is just acceptable in business to just waste money and write it off as an expense/loss. But it really feels like a form of fraud…


It’s called late-stage capitalism.


John Oliver compared it to burning down a building for the insurance money. Emotionally that seems about right but I know it’s not literally the same. It’s more like how investment companies bought stores like sears and toys R us just to literally shutter them, sell off the buildings for a quick buck. I’m sure zazlav thinks a lot about how much that Cartoon Network building in Burbank would be worth if sold.


Same! My daughter and I watched when it first appeared on Netflix. It’s such a great movie (we both thought so). I really hope they’re able to find a way to get this out into the world.


I was going to say, Commercial arson comes to mind, but you just mentioned that.

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