The first ever Nintendo Famicom ad

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Those bloody animated gifs next to most videos are starting to be very anoying.

Surely there is some technological solution you could employ?

B/C other tings are annoying too. Are you trying to start a new “First”?


slowly but surely turning in to this:


Damn, that Famicom Zapper looks waaay too similar to a real gun, compared to the NES Zapper.

Oooh, where can I get a Ally McBeal dancin’ Jesus Gif?

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first you need to get yourself a 3d model of Jesus:
The dancing animation is a stock animation packaged for Character Studio with 3DS Max 5 and up (not sure to what number).

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Just a video player with the option to play or not a video is fine. Animated GIFs take more space/bandwidth and have lower quality than a streaming video of the same resolution.

But, it is the new hipster thing to do in the intertubes. There are great animated loop artists out there using this medium as a showcase, but still, there are far more efficient and convenient technologies.

Soon the new “in” thing will be BMP pictures uncompressed. So retro! Then, maybe TIFF with packed bits compression? Such an advancement in transmission of electronical imagery!

Base64 is where all the hep cats are at!

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I wrote a lib once that base64d xml to be included into base64d xml to be included into…

Yo dawg



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