The first-ever rigorous quantitative study of US artistic revenue from internet indies: 14.8M Americans earned $5.9B in 2016

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A quick bit of arithmetic indicates that this is an average of $400 each. Don’t give up the day job for the career of a pixel-stained technopeasant just yet.


Just wait til things get rolling. Before long, we’ll sell everything to each other on eBay, and get rich rich rich!


What does that URL mean? Doctorow’s second law? :thinking:

EDIT: ah, found it:

First law: Any time someone puts a lock on something that belongs to you, and won’t give you a key, they’re not doing it for your benefit.

Second law: It’s hard to monetize fame but it’s impossible to monetize obscurity i.e. fame won’t guarantee fortune, but no one has ever gotten rich by being obscure.

Third law: making it easy to censor and spy on everyone to protect copyright is a bad idea and bad practice i.e. information doesn’t want to be free, people do.

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