The first trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix is here


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Hard Pass.

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I will of course see it. But I can’t say I am excited. I loved First Class and thought Days of Future Past was pretty good. And was insanely disappointed in Apocalypse.


Like Sony’s Spiderman, I’ll check it out before Marvel takes it and almost certainly does it a lot better.


Finally, another fucking superhero movie. What happened to ideas?


Don’t forget that the real reason he had to travel back in time was to erase the studio’s PREVIOUS terrible attempt at making a “Dark Phoenix” movie.


The first two X-men movies (way back in the early 00’s) were some of the best comic book superhero movies I’ve ever seen (next to the Dark Knight trilogy, of course). In those movies, not only were the characters and action compelling, but it asked (and sort of answered) some big questions about how best to deal with bigotry and hatred against people who are different. It also really captured the essence of the comics. Magneto was also such a fantastic character. He was both evil and totally relatable. If I had gone through his trauma, with his abilities, I might have turned out exactly the same.

The later movies just got silly.


I wish they could use Jean Grey in a way that isn’t “Hey, let’s adapt an event from the '80s again, yeah, the same exact one they tried to use last time”. The thing that makes stories like the Phoenix business work in the first place is that there is a baseline character established first, then this thing happening is special. It kind of reminds me of the “Super Hero can’t use his power” trope. That trope is fine to activate when you’re trying to get stories out month after month in the comics, and after a couple few decades you need an idea. In the movies however, you’re only getting a character once every couple of years. For a huge ensemble flick, the character might only get a couple minutes of screen time. Choose another trope if you gotta pick, please.


Maybe they’ll do a decent job with this arc.

Then again, the MCU has been angling for years to get the sort of angst>chaos>angst>retcon event cycle going that was so profitable in the comics.

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Sophie Turner is no Famke Janssen. As muddled as ‘Last Stand’ was, at least Jean Grey’s internal conflict was watchable; Turner just comes across as petulant

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Honestly, I don’t think this is anything new or different. Superhero are in large number because they make money, and there’s a boatload of material and characters to be adapted. It probably doesn’t hurt that you’ve got two big comic publishers, some of whom previously sold off character rights to other studios, so there’s actual market competition.

I don’t think there’s any fewer original ideas than previously though. For a while there were an absurd amount of Westerns being produced yearly. Now it’s Superhero films. Eventually it’ll be something else that takes the main stage, while the infinite and immortal Original Blockbuster Franchises chug on forever. I’m expecting the Jaws revival any day now.


I feel like the last thing I’d say about the first two X-Men movies were that the characters were compelling.

I mean, Magneto was really compelling in the tiny minority of screen time he had. And Xavier was… Patrick Stewart, so the actor was compelling.

Everyone else seemed to kind of… exist in this state of being Not!Wolverine (I’m pretty sure James Marsden actually got more lines as Lois Lane’s obviously doomed non-Superman boyfriend than he did in the entire trilogy where he played what was supposed to be the mission leader of the X-Men), while Wolverine himself was toned down just enough to make him uninteresting, but still a jerk.

I feel like the semi-reboot of First Class, and later Days of Future Past did a lot better with characters by focusing more on the relationship between Xavier and Magneto, while also letting at least most of the ensemble cast get enough screen-time and sub-plot to have some level of character. Mystique in particular turned into an actual person with motivations and feelings, instead of just that naked lady that tried to screw Wolverine for no reason once.


Finally, a superhero movie. Zzzzzzzz

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As a bonafide Blerd, I can’t help but have a soft spot for Marvel comic book movies.

Like others have already stated, I also enjoyed First Class and Future Past, and was thoroughly underwhelmed by Apocalypse.

So yeah, I’ll see this eventually…


There are about 600 movies made a year in the US. In 2018, about 10 of were live action superhero movies. If you find it bothersome, you could watch something from the other 98% of movies, though a majority of those are likely formulaic too.


Especially considering the alternative. The DCU even managed to ruin Batman, putting Zack Snyder in the rarefied company of one other director: Joel Schumacher (though in fairness both have made good non-Batman movies). Anyway, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Warner Bros just needs to turn the entire DCU over to Patty Jenkins. That needs to be her life now. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m really curious how Disney is going to retcon mutants into the (non-Deadpool) MCU franchise. I’m sure the writers will think of something, but it will be a massive change.





My guess, it will in some way involve Thanos and the infinity stones


Like the Sony Spiderman, they might just start over entirely and not even deal with the previous franchise versions.

Would be a shame for that great cast in X-Men to be lost, but Marvel has done a stellar job with casting so far.

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